9-14-11 Weather Update

Sep 142011

It sure does feel like fall is here!
Colorado is experiencing much cooler temperatures this week with gusty northern winds.

For those of you anticipating the ski season, the mountains are beginning to see some snowfall. There will be a Winter Weather Advisory in Aspen this evening. This will be in effect from 9pm to about 6am Thursday morning. The high mountain passes of central and southwest Colorado are expecting to see up to 6 inches of snow.

However, Fort Collins is staying warmer with a high level pressure system producing heavy rainfall. Let’s see how long this rain will last with today’s 7 day forecast.

As you can see, Wednesday was a very rainy day with highs at 56 degrees and humidity at 94%. The rain will continue into the evening with lows reaching 44 degrees.

Thursday, be ready to experience the same gloomy weather with a high of 59 and constant rain showers throughout the day. The rain will lighten up into the night with a low of 50 degrees.

Then make sure you bring a rain coat to the big rocky mountain showdown this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will all have highs in the mid-70’s and a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon.

The rain will continue to fall into Monday with a high of 75. However later into the evening the showers will let up and bring a sunny and dry day Tuesday.

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