Aug 312011
Authors: Blair Carpenter

Let’s face it: we all have weird families. There is no such thing as a normal family, a fact illustrated by the hilarious and relatable “Awkward Family Photos” by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack.

“Awkward Family Photos” started as a website created by Bender and Chernack.

Originally including only pictures from friends and relatives of the creators, grew to include pictures from strangers who had encountered the site and submitted their own terrible memories.

The book features photos from every possible awkward situation, from vacations with embarrassing parents to middle school yearbook portraits.

Every era of modern family photography is covered, from black and white with cat-eye glasses to hipster teenagers refusing to smile.

The chapters of the book begin generally, with family portraits, and the categories expand to include pets, birthdays and “Strange, not Awkward.”

In addition to hilarious photos, each page also features captions enhancing the comedy of the subject matter.

Between the chapters are anecdotes provided by the families who submitted the photos titled, “Behind the Awkwardness,” which enhance the misery of the poor soul being photographed.

The book also has confessions from portrait and wedding photographers and awkward stories without accompanying pictures (darn!).

If you have a family and they are awkward beyond belief, go to your nearest bookstore and buy “Awkward Family Photos.” It is a guaranteed coffee table classic, sure to provide as many laughs as your college Facebook albums will one day.

Who knows? Maybe one day you will see that awful picture of yourself throwing up on the Dumbo ride at Disney World in “Awkward Family Photos Vol. II.” (Thanks, Mom.)

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