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Update: Two CSU football players were among the four arrested Saturday afternoon according to a Fort Collins Police Services press release Monday morning. James W. Skelton a junior middle linebacker, was arrested and cited with third-degree assault. Zachary Robert Tiedgen, a senior defensive tackle, was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

Fort Collins resident Chris Coats said he likes sharing the city with students because of the energy they bring to the community, but things may have gotten a little too spirited Saturday afternoon during a back-to-school pool party at Campus Crossings at Ram’s Pointe, an apartment complex west of Taft Hill Road on Elizabeth Street.

The annual party, which usually takes place on the first weekend of the school year, led to an estimated 15 people being injured, 10 transported by ambulances and four arrested for fighting.

Garnering almost 3,000 confirmed guests on Facebook, the event started at 1 p.m. but, according to police spokeswoman Rita Davis, got out of control only two hours later when fire and ambulance responders were dispatched for cases of over-consumption of alcohol.

And while CSU is not affiliated with Ram’s Pointe or the event, Coats thinks situations like this could be prevented through more ntensive alcohol classes.

“It’s a shame,” Coats said. “I think Fort Collins residents enjoy living with students but, in terms of alcohol awareness, the university needs to take more steps to prevent things like this.”

Even students who live in the apartment complex try to stay away from these over-the-top parties.
“I really just am not a partier so I didn’t go last year,” said junior journalism major and Ram’s Pointe resident Shelby Taylor-Thorn. “I remember sitting on my balcony counting ambulances, but it didn’t get this out of hand. It’s just an excessively large group of people using our pool party as an excuse to get drunk and be idiots, more so than usual.”

“I call it the hot tub rash move-in bash,” Taylor-Thorn added.

In addition to alcohol consumption, Davis also said, in an email to the Collegian, that fighting was the reason for four arrests. According to the police report, two people were cited for a third-degree assault, one for disorderly conduct and another for obstructing a peace officer. All four were arrested, cited and released.

And while Davis said she didn’t think anyone was seriously injured in the fight, CSU spokesman Brad Bohlander said the university is still waiting to hear if anyone who got arrested was a student. If so, those students could face action from the school because being arrested is in violation of CSU’s conduct code.

“It’s normal,” said Fort Collins resident and CSU alumnus Doug Haugen. “As a student you don’t really think about the outlook of the community. The unfortunate thing is when it gets out of hand and people get hurt.”

Fort Collins Council member Gerry Horak, representative from District 6, said apartment buildings should take more responsibility when hosting such large gatherings.

“Any time there’s a disturbance like this it’s not a good thing for the community,” Horak said. “What always happens is that a minority of people cause a stain on everyone’s reputation.

“We just need to work with apartment buildings to make sure these things don’t happen,” Horak added.

All day-shift units for the Fort Collins Police were called to the complex to handle the incident, adding to the two shifts brought in earlier for support. Elizabeth Street was then closed west of Taft Hill Road while attendees left the party.

Rita Davis, spokeswoman for the Fort Collins Police Department, said, to the best of her knowledge, no minor in possession citations were issued to partygoers.

“It’s just a party,” said Fort Collins resident Mike O’Shea, 62. “You guys are young. You have to live and you have to learn.”

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