A night out on the town

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Aug 312011
Authors: Robert Lopez

It’s Friday night and you’re sick and tired of drinking every weekend. The only problem is that you really don’t know what there is to do around Fort Collins.

Well, a brand new website called www.fortcollinsnightout.com may be a solution to the problem.

According to Brian Goldrich, owner and creator of Fort Collins Night Out, the site aims to connect students and community members with what’s going on in Fort Collins.

“The biggest difference between Fort Collins Night and regular directories is that, with a local directory, you don’t really get customer service. They just give a list of what’s going on,” Goldrich said. “When using Fort Collins Night Out, you are connected to the business almost on a personal level. The website stresses customer service for both its businesses and its viewers.”

And while there are many different coupon websites out there with the same concept, Goldrich said that Fort Collins Night Out is different because it’s free for viewers and costs a nominal feel for businesses.

“We connect the businesses with customers by having the customers follow their favorite restaurant and bars, much like Twitter,” Goldrich said. “Then when the restaurants and bars have special events going on, we send the customers a text message.”

Freshman Ashley Sanchez thinks the site is full of great deals, calling it “awesome.”

“It is actually pretty easy to use, and since I am under 21 and can’t drink, it is very helpful to know the different deals that are going on in Fort Collins,” Sanchez said.

The website isn’t limited to just bars and restaurants. It also has information about other events such as plays or musical concerts.

“I know a lot of the owners of bars and restaurants” Goldrich said, “It’s about giving back to the businesses that buy a slot on my site, making sure they get the most from the customers and vice versa.”

After being launched on Aug. 1, the site already has its own app for both select smart phones.

“It’s just such a convenient website,” said Fort Collins resident Brandon Vue. “Whether I want to go bar hopping or go to a restaurant or go to a play, all I have to do is pull out my phone and see what’s going on.”

Collegian Writer Robert Lopez can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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Battle of the bulge: Fido getting fat?

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Aug 312011
Authors: Blair Carpenter

Pet obesity tends to conjure up images like the lasagna-loving Garfield, but as our waistlines as a country grow, so does the number of waddling pets. Obesity in pets can pose serious health risks, and the pet’s owner can easily avoid these problems with the right care.

Many CSU students and their families own pets, and even in a healthy place like Fort Collins, pets are not safe from obesity.

“My dog is SO fat!” said freshman psychology major Madison Markel. “For Halloween we’re going to dress her as a s’more, with cardboard for the graham cracker and brown felt for the chocolate.”

Jokes aside, overweight pets have become such a concern among the veterinary community that there are new groups forming to combat it, such as the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP).
According to the APOP website, about 54 percent of America’s dogs and cats are overweight, only 14 percent lower than the percentage of overweight Americans.

“I’d say we’ve seen a steady increasing trend over the last 10 to 15 years,” said Rebecca Ruch-Gallie, an assistant professor at CSU’s animal teaching hospital. “In a lot of instances, what looks like normal to people is actually overweight.”

The causes of pet obesity are similar to those that make people obese; simultaneous overeating and inactivity are the main causes.

A condition known as hypothyroidism, where the thyroid gland that regulates the body’s hormone production and distribution doesn’t work properly, also contributes to obesity in pets and people alike, Ruch-Gallie said.

The tolls on pets if they are overweight include joint problems, heart problems, diabetes and immune disorders. Fat is considered an “irritant organ” and therefore irritates the immune system.

If your pet is overweight, treatment can be very simple.  Eliminating food scraps and giving “people food” to pets can help, along with feeding your animal small meals throughout the day so they feel full and are less prone to begging at the table.

Regularly exercise with your pet, or make sure it has the tools it needs, such as cat toys, to prevent inactivity if you have to be gone for long periods of time.

“We suggest this thing called body conditioning,” Ruch-Gallie said. “You know your pet’s lost weight because you feel it with your hands, similar to when you know you’ve lost weight because your jeans feel looser. Your hands are the jeans.”ppy. The dog may not be overweight now. Feeding it lots of treats seems fun, but it’s just as important to prevent pet obesity, as it is to reverse its effects.

Make sure to regulate how much your pet eats, and make sure you aren’t feeding it more than is recommended. If only one member of your household feeds the pet, it helps to make sure the pet is not being overfed.

Cats especially need to be placed in an enriching environment so they can be playful and active, not bored and lazy.

Staving off pet obesity sounds simple but, “[obesity in pets] is kind of insidious. It creeps up on you,” Ruch-Gallie said.  

So take your dog on a walk, put your Meow Mix where Fluffy can’t get to it and don’t forget to celebrate Pet Obesity Awareness Day on Oct. 13.

Collegian writer Blair Carpenter can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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Involvement Fair brings student orgs. to Plaza

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Aug 312011

With this year’s involvement fair on the Plaza today, make sure to check out some clubs from SliCE’s list of student organizations and get involved.

For the rest of the organizations, visit the Collegian’s website at www.collegian.com.

Academic Advancement Center (AAC)
Academic Interest Group (AIG)
Academic Village
Actuarial Club at Colorado State University
Adult Learner and Veteran Services
Adventist Christian Fellowship
Afghan Student Association
Africans United
Agribusiness Association (ABA)
Agricultural Sciences College Council
Alpha Kappa Psi – Nu Rho
Alpha Lambda Delta
Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc.
Alpha Phi Omega (APO)
Alpha Sigma Phi
Alpha Tau Omega (ATO)
Alpine Ski Team
Amani Club
American Association for Aerosol Research Student Chapter at CSU (AAAR)
American Fisheries Society Student Subunit at Colorado State University
American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Society Of Professional Estimators (ASPE)
Anthropology Club
Anthropology Graduate Student Society (AGSS)
APICS Association of Operations Management (APICS)
Argentine Tango Club
Arnold Air Society
Aspen Hall Council
Aspen Residence Hall
Associated General Contractors at Colorado State University (AGCCSU)
Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU)
Association for Computing Machinery
Athletes in Action
Ballroom Dance Club (BDC)
Bass Fishing Club (Bass Team)
Beta Alpha Psi Gamma Tau Chapter
Beta Gamma Nu (BGN)
Beta Theta Pi
Biochemistry Student Association (BCSA)
Biomedical Engineering Society (BES)
Biomedical Student Association
BizMissâ„¢ (BM)
Black Definition
Black Student Alliance (BSA)
Bowling Club
Braiden Hall Council (Braiden Activities Crew)
Braiden Residence Hall
Brazilian Student Association (BRASA)
Bridges Honor Society (BRIDGES)
Campus Activities
Campus Crusade for Christ
Campus Feminist Alliance (CFA)
Campus Step Up: A Social Justice Retreat (CSUp)
Career Center
Catholic Campus Ministry-RamCatholic (FOCUS)
Chabad Jewish Student Association
Chess Club at Colorado State University
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Chi Omega Sorority
Chinese Language Club
Chinese Student and Scholars Association (CSSA)
Christian Challenge
Christian Graduate Group
Christian Students at CSU
Circle K
Circus Club (CC)
The Close-Knit Project (TCKP)
Coalition for Animal Advocacy
College Against Cancer
College Democrats
College of Applied Human Science Dean’s Leadership Council
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences College Council (CVMBS )
College Republicans at CSU
Collegiate Horseman’s Association
Collegiate Music Educators National Conference (CMENC)
Colloquium in the Life Sciences (CLS)
Colorado Restaurant Association
Computer Information Systems Club (CIS Club)
Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services (CRSCS)
Conservation en Espanol
Construction Management Association of America
Construction Management Board of Directors
Corbett Residence Hall
Council of International Student Affairs (COISA)
Creating Respect Educating Wellness for and by Students (C.R.E.W.S.)
Crew Team
The Criminal Justice Organization (CJO)

Crossway College Ministry at Mountain View Community Church (Crossway)
CSU Health Network
Day Without Hate
Delta Chi (Delta Chi)
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Sigma Phi
Delta Sigma Pi
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Delta Tau Delta (Delt)
Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc.
Design and Merchandising Leadership Team
Disc Golf Club at CSU (CSUDGC)
Disciples Today
Diversity and Social Justice Programs (DSJP)
For the full list see Collegian.com.

Diversity Unity Senate at CSU
The Dream Team
Ducks Unlimited
Durward Residence Hall
Edwards Leadership Team (Edwards Hall Council)
Edwards Residence Hall
Energy Service Corps
Engineering College Council
Engineers Without Borders
English Riding Club
Entrepreneurship Club at CSU (ECCSU)
Environmental Engineering Society and Water Environment Federation
Environmental Health Student Association (EHSA)
Epilepsy Circle of Friends
Epsilon Sigma Alpha
Eta Kappa Nu
Event Planning In Corbett (EPIC)
Fair Advocates for Cultural Truths (FACT)
Fantasy Baseball Club
FarmHouse Fraternity
Fashion Group International CSU Student Chapter (FGI)
Fellowship Volunteer (FV)
Field Hockey
Financial Planning Association Student Chapter (FPA at CSU)
Finding Racial and Economic Equality (FREE)
Fly Fishing Club
Front Range Student Ecology Symposium
G.K. Chesterton Society at CSU (G.K.C. Society)
Gaining Understanding through Involvement, Diversity and Education (GUIDE)
Gamma Phi Beta
Geller Center for Spiritual Development
Geology Club
German Club (Deutschklub)
Gillette Entomology Club
Global Connections: Internationally Minded Students (Global Connections)
Graduate Student Council
Habitat for Humanity
Harry Potter Alliance (HPA)
Health Physics Society
Herpetological Society at Colorado State University (HS )
Hesperia Junior Society
Hip Hop Dance Club at CSU
History Club/Phi Alpha Theta
Homeless Awareness Team
Horticulture Club
Hui ‘O Hawai’i at CSU (Hui ‘O Hawaii)
Humans versus Zombies (HVZ)
Hygiene for Humanity (H4H)
I-Box (iBox)
Ice Hockey (Men’s)
Ice Hockey (Women)
iLEAD (formerly Towers Hall Council)
Impact Christian Fellowship
Indian Student Association
Industrial and Organizational Psychology Association of Colorado (IOPAC)
Ingersoll Hall Council (For Better Ingersoll)
Ingersoll Residence Hall
Inline Hockey
International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
International Justice Mission
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers, Student Chapter at CSU (ISPE)
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCSU)
Japan Club
Japanese Student Association of Colorado State University (Japanese Student Association)
Junior Greek Council
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
Kappa Delta Sorority
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Kappa Sigma Fraternity (Kappa Sigma)
Karate- Do Club (Karate – Do club)
Knights of the Green and Gold
Kuwaiti Club
La Raza
Lacrosse (Men’s)
Lacrosse (Women’s)
Lambda Pi Eta (Lambda Pi Eta )
Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Inc. (LSC79)
Latin Rhythm Student Organization
Latter-Day Saint Student Association
Le Cercle Français (French Club)
Leaders in Free Thought (LIFT)
Leadership Development Community (LDC)
Liberal Arts College Council (LACC)
Libyan Student Association
Logging Sports
Lory Student Center (LSC)
Lory Student Center Governing Board
Lutheran Campus Ministry
Management Club
Mantra Meditation (MM)
Marketing Club
Master’s of Natural Resources Stewardship Program
Masters of Social Work Student Association (MSWSA)
Math Club
Medieval Society
Metals Guild of Colorado State University (Metalsmithing Guild)
Microbiology Student Association
Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology Graduate Student Organization
Mock Trial
Mountain Riders Horse Club (MRHC)
Mountain View Community Church Collegiate Ministry (Archive) (Life Line )
MSTies Anonymous of Northern Colorado
Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
Music Therapy Student Association at CSU (MTSA)
Muslim Student Association
Narrow Road Christian Fellowship (Narrow Road Christian Fellowhsip)
National Council of Teachers of English at CSU (NCTE@CSU)
National Pan-Hellenic Council
National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)
National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)
National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi)
Natural Resources Management Society
The Navigators
The Nepalese Students Association (NSA)
Net (Net FC)
Newsom Hall Council
Newsom Residence Hall
Not For Sale CSU (Not For Sale)
Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc.
Nutrition and Fitness Club at CSU (NutFit)
Off-Campus Life (OCL)
The Official Undie Run of Colorado State University (CSU Undie Run)
One Health Club
Order of Omega Honor Society
Organization of Graduate Student Writers
Orientation and Transition Programs (OTP)
Outdoor Club at CSU (OutC)
Pagan Student Alliance (Pagan Student Alliance)
Pakistan Rams Society (PAKRAMS)
Panhellenic Council
Parmelee Leaders Uniting Students Hall (P.L.U.S.)
Parmelee Residence Hall
Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt)
Phi Gamma Delta/ FIJI
Pi Alpha Xi, Chi Chapter (Horticulture Honorary Society)
Pi Beta Phi Sorority
Pi Kappa Phi
Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority, Inc (PLC/Golden Chi’s)
Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society) Delta Phi Chapter
Pinnacle Honor Society
Polo Team at CSU
Pottery Guild at CSU
Pre-Dental Club
Pre-Law Club at Colorado State University (Pre-Law)
Pre-Occupational Therapy Club
Pre-Optometry Club
Pre-Pharmacy Club
Pre-Physical Therapy Club
President’s Leadership Program (PLP)
Pre-Veterinary Club at CSU (Pre-Vet)
Professional Asian Society of Engineers & Scientists
Professional Veterinary Medicine Class of 2013 (PVM 2013)
Psi Chi/Psychology Student Alliance
Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
Ram Leadership Team (RLT)
Ram Racing Formula SAE
Ram Runners
Rams Cycling Team
Rams Engaging in Active Leadership (REAL Experience)
Rams for Christ
Rangeland Ecology Club (Range Club)
Real Estate Club
Real Faith
Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
Registered Student Organizations (RSO)
Residence Hall Association (RHA)
Residence Life (Res Life)
Resonant Ramblings (Ramblings)
The Rock
Rodeo Club
Rugby (Men’s) (RamRugby)
Rugby (Women’s)
Saudi Student House
School of Public Health Student Council at CSU (SPHSC)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
Semper Fi Society
Shades of CSU
Shotgun Sports Club
SIAM Chapter at Colorado State University (SIAM at CSU)
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Alpha Lambda (SAL)
Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority (Sigma Alpha)
Sigma Chi
Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated
Sigma Nu
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Silver Wings MGD Chapter (Silver Wings Columbine Chapter)
Slacklining Club at CSU
Snowboard Team
Soccer (Women)
Soccer Club (Men)
Social Work in Action (SWA)
Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)
Society for Human Resource Managment, CSU Chapter (SHRM)
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers/Mexican American Engineers and Scientist
Society of Physics Students (SPS)
Society of Professional Journalists at CSU (SPJ)
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
Soka Gakkai International- CSU (SGI)
The Source at First Presbyterian Church
South Asian Students Alliance (SASA)
Spanish Club
SPIE Student Chapter at CSU (SPIE)
Student Alumni Connection (SAC)
Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Colorado State (SCASLA)
Student Composers Alliance
The Student Hospitality Network (SHN)
Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement (SLiCE)
Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
Student Organization for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders (SOGLBT)
Student Organization of Visual Arts (SOVA)
Student Parent Club (SParC)
Student Peace Alliance at Colorado State University (SPA)
Student Sustainability Center (SSC)
Student Veterans Organization (Student Veterans Organization/ SVO)
Students as Leaders in Science (SLS)
Students for a Free Tibet (SFAFT)
Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC)
Students for Holocaust and Genocide Awareness
Students for Life
Students of Ethnic Studies Raising Voices of Empowerment (SERVE)
Students Working in Allison Together
Study Abroad Alumni
Summit Events Crew (SEC)
Summit Residence Hall
Super Hoopers
Sustainable Development Garden (SusDev)
Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF) – Student Chapter at CSU
Swimming Club at CSU (Club Swimming)
Swing Dance Society
Synchronized Skating Team
Synchronized Swimming Team (Synchronized Swimming at CSU)
Taiwanese Student Association
Tau Beta Pi – Engineering Honor Society
Tau Iota Omega Chapter of Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society
Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teke)
Tau Sigma National Honor Society Gamma-Epsilon Chapter (Tau Sigma)
Team Handball at CSU
Tennis Club
TESL/TEFL Graduate Student Association
Thai Student Association
The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT)
Tibetan Buddhist Meditation at CSU
Timmy Foundation Chapter at CSU (TimmyCSU)
Tournament Paintball (TP)
Transfer Student Association
Triangle Fraternity
Triathlon Club
Ultimate Frisbee (Men’s)
Ultimate Frisbee (Women’s)
Undeclared Leadership Council (ULC)
United Men of Color (UMC)
United Nations Association of Colorado State University
United Women of Color
Up ‘til Dawn
Upperclass/Transfer Community – Durward Hall
Upsilon Pi Epsilon
Volleyball (Women’s) (Volleyball)
Vote CSU
Warner College of Natural Resources College Council (WCNR)
Water Polo (Men’s)
Water Polo (Women’s)
Watershed club (Watershed)
Wellness Club
The Wells Project (Wells Project)
Wesley Foundation @ CSU: Methodist Campus Ministry (CSU Wesley)
Western Dance Club (WDC)
Westfall Residence Hall
Whistler Society at CSU (Whistler Society)
Wildlife Disease Association
The Wildlife Society (WS)
WISDOM: Women in Science Devoted to Outreach and Mentoring (WISDOM)
Women of Integrity (Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.)
Women’s Conference Committee
Wrestling Team
Xi Sigma Pi
Yoga Club (YC)
Young Americans for Liberty
Young Life at CSU
Young Producers Organization (YPO)
Zen Club at CSU (Zen Club)

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Community Briefs 09/01/11

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Aug 312011
Authors: Collegian Staff Report

Pizza on the Patio

Representatives from the Society of Global Health Researchers in Action are coming to campus for a discussion about SOGHR’s upcoming events and projects.
They will provide pizza on the western patio of the Lory Student Center this afternoon at 3:30 p.m.
SOGHR is a student-run non-profit organization committed to supporting student and young scientists just entering the global health sciences field.
For more information on the event or organization visit SOGHR’s website at www.soghr.org.

*Showing Ram Pride *

CSU’s Campus is expected to be a sea of green and gold Friday, Sept. 2 as part of College Colors Day, a holiday aimed at spreading school spirit and Ram pride.
CSU students and supporters alike are encouraged to wear school colors on and off campus as part of the annual celebration in order to promote “the traditions and spirit that make the college experience great,” according to a report on the university’s official website.
Recognized nationwide, College Colors Days has been growing rapidly since 2005, with thousands of organizations and millions of individuals donning their college colors in support of higher education.

— Collegian Staff Report

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Tour de Fat: a history of bikes and beer

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Aug 312011
Authors: Marcus Mortiz

The school year is just beginning, fall is approaching and the Fort Collins community is about to celebrate its early version of Halloween: the Tour de Fat.

Tour de Fat, put on by New Belgium Brewery, is one of the most prominent bike parades across the country.

Every year the tour makes its stop in the Brewery’s home town of Fort Collins. The Tour de Fat was started by New Belgium Brewery as a way to advocate and celebrate beer and bicyclist culture.

“Ft. Collins is where this cycling carnival first came to life, so it’s always fun when we get
to bring it back home,” Bryan Simpson, a spokesperson for New Belgium, said in a news release. “People who haven’t witnessed Tour de Fat don’t quite know what to expect, but that’s what we love. It’s an uninhibited day of quirky costumes, bikes and entertainment while supporting our
non-profit friends.”
This year they will be celebrating the 11th year of the tour by traveling through 13 different cities.
“It started off as a beer party that included bikes,” Matt Kowal, a New Belgium and Tour de Fat representative, said. “Now it’s more of a bike party with New Belgium beer.”

David Kemp, one of the main people behind starting the tour, did so with everything that he needed in the back of his truck. Since then, the tour has grown to needing at least two semi-trucks, several other vans and trucks and many full-time employees.

The tour includes musical acts, as well as performers from the Blue Man Group and circus performers from Cirque du Soleil.

“Adding and building in music to the tour came pretty naturally,” Kowal said. “We would use the music to create an atmosphere for the times when we would set up people trading in their cars for bikes along the tour. One time we did a Blues Brothers revival style song for the person who was trading in their car for a bike. It really makes it a moment for that person and the people who see it.”

The tour has grown since then, and it will have three stages at the Fort Collins stop this year.
As if locals needed any other reason to dress up, ride bikes and drink beer, the Tour de Fat is yet another excuse.

Olivia Hanna, a senior physics and art major, is planning on dressing up as a Viking this year.
Seeing as this is her first year participating, she may be in for quite a shock as to what most of the people there look like.

Most of the participants take part in the costume fun of the parade, with people looking like everything from cowboys and clowns to superheroes.

“I think that dressing up goes back to when we were kids,” Kowal said. “When you would play dress-up and go outside with your friends and ride your bike. That, and it keeps the locals entertained and doesn’t scare them all off when thousands of bikers descend on their town.”

One of New Belgium’s main concerns is the eco-friendliness of their business. The company was started on the back of a bicycle in Belgium (hence the name and logo of their most recognizable beer – Fat Tire) and since then tried to maintain that image.

It’s only natural that a company that is environmentally-friendly and got its start on a bike would create a bike tour that celebrates exactly those things. That, and beer.

One of the newer parts of the Tour de Fat –– called the Car For Bike Trade –– is where someone from the tour gets selected to turn their car over to New Belgium. In return for this favor, the participant gets a brand new cruiser bike made special for the event.

Another point the Tour de Fat tries to make is spreading the good name of New Belgium and the beer they make.

“The tour gives people a chance to see what New Belgium is all about first hand,” Kowal said. “It also gives us a chance to go out in the community and meet artists and musicians who we might want to include in the next Tour de Fat. Not to mention, it puts us in touch with much of our beer drinking community.”

Along with being sustainable, New Belgium does a lot of giving back to the community. The
Tour de Fat is one way that they make that happen.

The tour gives back to the communities it travels through by taking a lot of the money it makes and donating it to local nonprofit stores and companies.

Local shops like bike co-ops and Bike Fort Collins are a few of the recipients, and these companies take the money from the Tour de Fat and make biking more accessible to the community.

The Tour de Fat has been raising money for these local shops since the beginning, and it has almost raised $2 million for nonprofits.

The idea for the Tour de Fat goes back to when New Belgium got its start as a company.
“New Belgium’s love for bikes is part of our DNA,” Kowal said. “There’s something about when you slow down and ride a bike; and sometimes doing that makes some really great ideas come into your head.”

Staff writer Marcus Moritz can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

What: Tour de Fat.
When: Saturday at 10 a.m.
Where: Civic Center Park.
More information: newbelgium.com.

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Ram Talk 9/01/11

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Aug 312011
Authors: compiled by Greg Mees

To the girl at the dining hall feeling all the bananas and telling your friend you like your bananas hard. Let’s rethink that statement next time.

Sitting through a sinfully boring class is one thing. Sitting next to a mouth-breather during a sinfully boring is a completely different realm of torture.

To whoever super glued the quarters to the ground in the plaza, you have no soul. Thanks for the entertainment though.

Does anyone else hate this construction? I fell asleep under a tree on campus. When I woke up I found that a crane was now 15 feet away, and the construction guys were putting up yellow tape around me.

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Ticket deals worry theaters

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Aug 312011
Authors: Richard Verrier McClatchy-Tribune

LOS ANGELES — At a cinema in San Francisco, about 100 people recently showed up for a free screening of “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon” and a presentation of a kind of Netflix for movie theaters.

The service, called MoviePass, would allow consumers to watch all the movies they want for a $50 monthly fee, using their smartphones to download codes that could be redeemed for tickets at theaters. With the backing of AOL Ventures, the New York startup had planned a national rollout of the service this fall with online ticket firm MovieTickets.com.

But before a single pass was sold, AMC Entertainment Inc. and other theater chains blasted MoviePass, saying they were blindsided and would not honor the pass.

“Plans for the program were developed without AMC’s knowledge or input,” Stephen Colanero, AMC’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

The proliferation of steep discounts on movie tickets is causing much anguish in the exhibition industry.

In theory, theaters stand to benefit from promotions if they bring in more customers who buy lots of popcorn, soda and other high-profit concessions. And with most promotions, theaters still get the full ticket price because third parties cover the cost of the discounts.

Even so, some exhibitors fear the heavy marketing of low-priced tickets through discount services such as Groupon, LivingSocial and DailyCandy will erode their business by encouraging moviegoers to wait for a bargain before trekking to the megaplex.

Some draw parallels to the effects that low-cost online video-rental companies Netflix and Redbox have had on the slumping DVD business.

“There is always a worry about devaluing your product,” said Patrick Corcoran, spokesman for the National Association of Theatre Owners.

Exhibitors can ill afford that, given that attendance — the number of tickets sold — is down about 5 percent this year compared with the same time in 2010 and has been flat for much of the last five years.

Exhibitors have also expressed alarm that studios’ plans to release movies via video on demand just eight weeks after their theatrical release will further erode their business.

For some theater owners, it’s a matter of control. “I just don’t want third parties setting our ticket prices,” said Ted Mundorff, chief executive of Landmark Theatres, the chain co-owned by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. “We want to run our own business.”

Representatives of AMC, Regal and Cinemark all declined to comment. Some of the large chains do sell blocks of discounted tickets to Web retailers like Pasadena, Calif.-based Goldstar and offer their own rewards programs. AMC, for example, recently launched a program called AMC Stubs: Customers who pay an annual fee of $12 receive rewards they can use toward tickets and concessions, based on how much they spend in the theater.

Not surprisingly, movie ticket deals offered through websites like Groupon and DailyCandy are popular among consumers, especially in the current economic climate, when people are cutting back on discretionary spending and ticket prices are rising. The average ticket price in the U.S. was $8.06 in the second quarter of this year — the highest level on record — according to the theater association.

Industry executives argue that going to the movies remains a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment and that ticket prices, when adjusted for inflation, are still lower than what they were in 1970. Still, some industry analysts believe that rising ticket prices, largely fueled by surcharges from 3-D films, are helping drive down movie theater attendance and making consumers more hungry for deals like MoviePass.

“It’s something that could be very popular for consumers, but I’m not sure about exhibitors and studios because it’s changing the economics of the industry,” said Wade Holden, an analyst with the research firm SNL Kagan. “They don’t want to see customer expectations of pricing become lowered.”

Studios are barred under federal antitrust laws from being directly involved in setting ticket prices.
But that hasn’t stopped them from using ticket promotions to help market their movies.

In March, for example, Lionsgate joined with Groupon to launch a 48-hour deal offering discounted tickets for “The Lincoln Lawyer” in what the studio said was the first of its kind.

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No B.S.: Tough love given with unfiltered brutal honesty

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Aug 312011
Authors: Eugene Daniels

Helllooooo CSU! I know some of you are wondering where Venus vs. Mars went. Unfortunately my co-columnist, Anna, graduated and is well on her way to being a lonely cat lady. So, now you get the “No B.S.” advice column.

This column will be about relationships (romantic or friendly). But the difference is that you guys write to me with your issues, and I answer them. Disclaimer: I don’t beat around the bush (that came out a lot nastier than it sounded in my head).

You will only get brutal honesty with no filter. I’m not going to baby you; just give you the facts quickly. Sorry. Seriously though, I really do want to help you, but you’re going to get tough love. No filter.

I will always give you one Eugene quote to live by first: “You can’t force people to stay in your life.

If they show signs of wanting to go, take their backstabbing hand and throw them out of your life and forget about them.” I tricked you! You thought I was going to be nice for a change. Nope!
Here are today’s questions.

Dear No BS,

*My girlfriend and I just broke up three weeks ago and I have some of her clothes that I sort of want to give back but mostly want to burn. I’m hoping you tell me to burn them. *


She Broke My Heart

Dear She Broke My Heart,

Burn them! Next! Just kidding.

You have to put on your big boy pants here. You can be the bigger person: give her the clothes and make it look like you’re over her, or you can do the vengeful thing and stomp, cut, blowtorch, wet, write on, run over or simply rip all of the clothes.

Just wait and let yourself get over the fact that she took your heart, stomped on it and threw it down the drain with Michele Bachmann’s brain. Right now, you’re thinking with anger, and you can’t make any rational decisions when you’re in the space of rage. Just put them in a box somewhere, and wait and see how you feel later.

Since you guys have only been apart for three weeks, it is possible that you may not be completely done, and burning her stuff equals you staying single.

*Dear No BS, *

My roommate and I started out as really good friends, but now we fight about the dumbest things, like taking out the trash or eating each other’s food. I get really upset when she uses my blow dryer. Am I just being a baby, or should this really bother me?

*Help Me, *

Think I Wanna Live Alone

Well Think I Wanna Live Alone, you probably should live alone because you’re acting like a baby right now! Are you serious?! This can’t be real life. How old are you? The most obvious problem is that you two clearly have never set up ground rules on how the household should be run, and that is the first thing you’re supposed to do.

I think you guys may have more issues going on than just sharing (which you should have learned in first grade, so you clearly either skipped or failed that year). Sit your roommate down and hash out the real problems you’re not talking about. But if your biggest issues with her are the examples you gave me and you’re whining about it, then you need to go into politics because you’re less mature than those in the House or Senate right now. Congratulations.

If you want to submit a question or just send hate mail (I love either), shoot an email to NoBSAdvice@gmail.com. Eugene Daniels is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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Sam Roberts Band needs some love

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Aug 312011
Authors: Joe Vajgrt

Several weeks ago, I was headed across campus when, whizzing past me on a bike, I noticed a guy wearing a t-shirt with a familiar design. Being the unapologetic über- nerd that I am, I quickly turned my bike around and raced after this puzzled grad student.

I’m sure the dude thought I was a complete weirdo, which, under the circumstances, is probably a pretty fair assessment. The reason for my complete
geek-out? He was wearing a shirt from Canadian rocker Sam Roberts, the very artist I
was listening to at that moment.

Why did this random chance encounter excite me to the point of chasing down a complete stranger on a bike? Because the Sam Roberts Band is tragically unknown and unappreciated in the U.S.

I’ve grown accustomed to people poking fun at my love of Canadian music over the years. The joke most often bandied about is that Bryan Adams and Celine Dion are the only musicians that have ever come out of Canada.

This is way off-base, though. In recent years, Canada has produced the likes of Feist, Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, and The New Pornographers – and that’s just skimming the surface of some of the incredible Canadian music out there today.

Roberts has stood at the forefront of this surge in impactful independent music since 2001’s release of his first EP, “The Inhuman Condition” which went on to become one of the best-selling independent music releases in Canadian history.

Since then, Roberts has released four full-length albums: 2003’s “We Were Born In a Flame,” 2006’s “Chemical City,” 2008’s “Love at the End of the World,” and most recently, “Collider,” which was released in May of this year.

Over the span of his young career, Roberts has cleaned up at the annual JUNO awards, Canada’s version of the Grammys. Roberts’ first three albums were nominated for 10 awards – winning six of them – including Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Video of the Year.

Roberts’ sound is definitely rooted in classic rock, deeply infused with Americana influences – and at times – reggae and soul. I know you kids aren’t too keen on albums these days, so instead of fruitlessly encouraging you to check out one of Roberts’ stellar albums, you should take a few moments to watch some of his videos on YouTube.

Classics such as “Where Have All the Good People Gone” or “Hard Road” will give
you a taste of the quintessential Roberts sound and introspective lyrics. Are you more in the mood for a Motown-inspired, soulful piano romp instead?

Check out the video “Detroit ’67,” based on the race riots that took place there.

Finally, maybe you can help Roberts answer the question he poses about why this generation doesn’t dance to rock and roll in the highly infectious rock anthem, “Them Kids.”

Give Roberts some love. Just be aware that if I see you appreciating this exceptional artist in public, I will chase you down on my bike.

Ãœber-nerd and music lover Joe Vajgrt can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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Good ol’ fashioned family oddities

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Aug 312011
Authors: Blair Carpenter

Let’s face it: we all have weird families. There is no such thing as a normal family, a fact illustrated by the hilarious and relatable “Awkward Family Photos” by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack.

“Awkward Family Photos” started as a website created by Bender and Chernack.

Originally including only pictures from friends and relatives of the creators,
AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com grew to include pictures from strangers who had encountered the site and submitted their own terrible memories.

The book features photos from every possible awkward situation, from vacations with embarrassing parents to middle school yearbook portraits.

Every era of modern family photography is covered, from black and white with cat-eye glasses to hipster teenagers refusing to smile.

The chapters of the book begin generally, with family portraits, and the categories expand to include pets, birthdays and “Strange, not Awkward.”

In addition to hilarious photos, each page also features captions enhancing the comedy of the subject matter.

Between the chapters are anecdotes provided by the families who submitted the photos titled, “Behind the Awkwardness,” which enhance the misery of the poor soul being photographed.

The book also has confessions from portrait and wedding photographers and awkward stories without accompanying pictures (darn!).

If you have a family and they are awkward beyond belief, go to your nearest bookstore and buy “Awkward Family Photos.” It is a guaranteed coffee table classic, sure to provide as many laughs as your college Facebook albums will one day.

Who knows? Maybe one day you will see that awful picture of yourself throwing up on the Dumbo ride at Disney World in “Awkward Family Photos Vol. II.” (Thanks, Mom.)

_Book reviewer Blair Carpenter can be reached at verve@collegian.com. _

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