Jul 192011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

As a college student, it’s common to experience that time when 3 a.m. rolls around and a caffeine fix is the only way to finish the last 10 pages of that term project due tomorrow.

In Fort Collins, the place to go would be the only 24-hour coffee shop, The Alley Cat. This is something that no college town can do without.

This summer the Alley Cat has found itself with dwindling business due to construction and students going back home. The city provided additional signage to encourage customers to patronize the construction-sieged coffee shop.

Even though Fort Collins has no shortage of coffee shops, it needs at least one that is open 24 hours.

But, the Downtown Development Authority –– the group redoing the alley and 14 others in town like it –– should not be to blame for this decline of customers.

While the business may be hurting, the project will be an overall benefit to the Alley Cat and the community. It is making all of our alleyways a more pleasant place to be.

We don’t want lose our ability to go somewhere at 2 a.m. and be surrounded by other delirious college students either. Other than IHOP, those people are drunk.

The student community has a need for a 24-hour coffee shop. CSU students should make sure that they do not let this institution die just like their wallets with the coming tuition increases.

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