Jun 142011
Authors: Erin Udell

While summer is just beginning for most people on campus, new student body President Eric Berlinberg and other members of student government are busy meeting and making changes for the fall semester.

“It’s actually a really exciting time over here,” Berlinberg said.

He said this is the first year every Associated Students of CSU department director, rather than just the president, vice president and chief of staff, are logging summer hours in the office.

“By having some members of ASCSU working over the summer, the learning curve can take place earlier so we can really hit the ground running when the fall semester starts,” said ASCSU spokeswoman Danielle McConnell.

“Students are going to see a lot of potential for resources in education and also entertainment this year, some things they should really be excited for,” McConnell added.

According to Berlinberg, this summer will lead to a “huge purge” of previous administrations while also shifting the mindset of what ASCSU does.

Berlinberg said the organization will make changes internally in procedures and finances in order to streamline its work.
As for Director of Finance Matt Strauch, his time in the ASCSU office consists of wrapping up the end of this fiscal year, which comes to a close at the end of June, while preparing for the next one.

With this being his first time working at ASCSU in the summer, Strauch said, “It’s setting us up for a smoother beginning, and this time really allows us to methodically think through every process.”

Berlinberg said he and Vice President Rachel Roberson plan on being in the office 50 to 60 hours a week, encouraging students, as always, to come in and communicate with them.

The two will also speak at CSU’s orientation preview Involvement Fair for incoming first-year students.

Along with stressing student involvement, Berlinberg said another student-centered project includes restructuring the university’s test file.

Originally located in the basement of the Lory Student Center, the file will now be in the ASCSU office and offer resources for summer, fall and spring courses.

The test file will be free and available to students,with hopes to make it completely electronic, catering to both students and CSU’s green initiative.

“ASCSU is attempting to cater to campus and doing everything in our power to make our vision comes to light,” McConnell said. “Our focus is to make sure that all of the students’ needs are met, and that will continue to be our goal throughout the year.”

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