May 082011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Despite how hard the Collegian has been on former Associated Students of CSU President and Vice-President Cooper Anderson and Jenny Babos’s administration, they have nevertheless completed most of their campaign promises over the course of their year in office.
And although their legacy may be far from perfect, it’s something that Anderson and Babos should be proud of.

The Department of Legislative Affairs has made a significant impact in advocating for CSU at the state capitol, serving as the student voice that higher education is in desperate need of. Seven a.m. finals have been moved to 7:30 a.m. –– a small victory, but a victory nevertheless.

And even their promise to light up the “A” may actually come into fruition with help from the administration.

Though Anderson said that the $4 RAIV fee was the accomplishment that his administration ought to be remembered for, it’s the victories listed above that will ultimately define the administration, because these are accomplishments that will benefit all of the students at CSU, not just a small few.

And as the Berlinberg/Roberson era begins, this is a lesson that they ought to learn as they embark on fulfilling their more than 40 campaign promises.

The greatest student government victories are not the ones that simply serve to further a pet cause, and are not necessarily the ones that look the best on a sheet of paper. It’s the little things – like ASCSU helping amend sections of House Bill 1301 – that make a real difference to students.

So, Jenny and Cooper, thanks for a year of service to CSU. And Eric and Rachel: Now it’s your turn.

Make a difference.

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