May 042011
Authors: Courtney Stuard

In light of the recent assassination of Osama bin Laden — the alleged cause of two wars –– it is time the American people began asking serious questions and receiving honest answers.

Enough of the euphemized speeches eloquently read from a teleprompter and enough with the secrets already. The people need truth.
Why is the U.S. government’s main form of diplomacy executed by guns, bombs and bribes?

Why is it that the War on Terror actually causes an increase in terrorism, thus more threats to our safety?

Why have drug use and poverty worsened after the government declared war on drugs and poverty?

Why did it take 10 years, two wars, $1.2 trillion and almost 1 million lives to finally find and kill Osama bin Laden?

When will the government realize that war never truly strengthens the economy but rather leads to crippling deficits and compounding national debt?

Why does the “champion of democracy” consistently support military dictators in foreign countries, while at home preaching freedom and liberty for all?

What if the next leaders of the free world continue the War and Terror for another decade costing another trillion dollars and leading to the death of 2 million people?

Why does the U.S. government engage military might abroad under the auspices of humanitarian aid and the spread of freedom, when as of 2010, 43.6 million U.S. citizens live in poverty?

Since when has war instigated lasting peace?

Why do Republicans and Democrats speak about each other as opposites but in reality practice the same policies?

How much larger will government grow over the next presidency, and how much more money will government take from the people in order to fund its incessant growth?

Why should government have the authority to regulate the people’s morality when government itself is historically one of the most immoral institutions?

Why does government support corporations with corporate bailouts instead of focusing on the struggling small business owners of America, or the Americans who cannot afford food, healthcare and education because of inflation caused by the crooked financial practices of the government itself?

Why is it still illegal to smoke a medicinal herb in the privacy of a home, while it is still legal to purchase more harmful drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and prescription pills?

When will gay couples receive the same benefits, respect or consideration as do heterosexual couples in the U.S.?

Why don’t African American, Latino, Muslim and women citizens of America receive the same opportunities and rights as do white males in America?
When will women finally receive the same wages as men in America?

When will the government focus on providing equal justice in the judicial system for all ethnicities, genders and classes?

When will Christians preach and practice Jesus’ message of peace, love and non-violence instead of supporting war and strife among nations and religions?

Why hasn’t the government denounced the violence committed by the Israeli state against Palestinians since the 1940s?

How long will it take for the people of America to realize that the promised “CHANGE” is not coming?

How long will it be before the people of America demand an end to the war and an end to excessive government spending?

U.S. citizens must demand accountability of government because it is a right and a responsibility. So, as presidential hopefuls announce their policies and plans for the upcoming presidential election in November 2012, the American people need to ask the tough questions and vehemently demand the truth.

Courtney Stuard is a senior journalism major. Her column appears on Thursdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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