May 042011
Authors: Erin Nalli

Other than the 4th of July barbecues, I can hardly think of a more American summer activity than golfing. A sport that is surrounded by the outdoors, a sport that is sophisticated and a sport that is highly involved in fashion trends. This is my kind of game.

In the fashion of the origins of golf, I have decided to focus only on men’s golf apparel trends for the coming summer. There are fashion trend sites specifically focused on the golf apparel industry so ladies too can take a look at what is hot for the sport trends of the summer at

My favorite brand of golf apparel for this summer is without a doubt Puma. The website breaks the apparel down first by brand or company which makes it, then it is broken down further into categories of product within each brand. After looking through a variety of products from a variety of golf companies, Puma’s style came out on top.

Puma embraced the bright and exciting colors of summer with tangerine orange, royal blue and deep red. They use non-traditional elements, such as color and pattern, mixed with traditional golf pieces to create a collection unlike anything else available this season.

Puma has created a fusion between classic men’s golf polos and contemporary fashion energy. There is innovation, creativity and risk that has been taken with the trial of stripes which appear to be the theme of the summer golf line. Stripes have been used in interesting ways in the Puma golf polo line that integrated classic elements with contemporary fashion individuality.

Stripes have been created on some items in the summer line by seemingly stretching out a plaid pattern to very thick lines that cross at the bottom half of the shirt. The argyle pattern traditional to golf attire has also been infused with stripes of white at the bottom of the diamond shapes for decorative and interesting pattern on some shirts. The location and concentration of stripes has also been adjusted on some other shirts that have diagonal stripes concentrated on the shoulder and chest.

The other contemporary element in Puma’s line is the flat-billed hats. This style of hat is not regularly seen in golf but Puma has recognized the trend and rolled with it. They have a large selection of colors in their hats so they can match with any combination of golf ensembles the athlete creates.

While Puma has stepped outside of the style box, they still respect the tradition of image and presence on the golf course. Their pieces all match very well, and cohesive looks can still be created with the options of products they have this year. All of the looks are just a little bit more fun and more interesting than the traditional shorts and polo.

I definitely think Puma is gearing its golf apparel to a younger market. The colors, patterns and styles are bolder and trendier. Straying from tradition in the classic sport is a risk that Puma has positioned itself on, and I think that risk has brought them success.

Take style into consideration when golfing this summer. Be a little braver, a little more bold and go with the trendy golf look for the coming sport season.

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