May 042011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Cinco de Mayo is a silly holiday.

Sure it’s a good excuse to slam down some tequila shots and pound some margaritas, but in reality it’s a holiday that, for Americans in particular, means absolutely nothing.

Before you get offended, we’re not against celebrating multiculturalism. But instead of picking a truly significant date (like Mexican Independence day, which is on September 16) and actually celebrating a different culture, Americans use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to drink under the guise of a real cultural celebration. And, if anything, that seems a little offensive.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the 1862 Mexican victory over the French in the battle of Puebla. Although the victory was improbable, it ultimately had little effect on the outcome of French occupation in the country.

What does that mean for anyone? Nothing, really. Mexicans don’t really even celebrate the day.

So what’s the deal with the holiday Gustavo Arellano, who writes a weekly column for the OC Weekly, calls “Gringo de Mayo?”

Just that: It’s a gringo holiday people like us haggard college students invented to give us an excuse to drink –– which, really, is just absurd.
Because, with finals just around the corner, we damn sure don’t need an excuse to drink. We can just do it. And we damn sure will. A lot.

Cinco de Drinko, as many are fond of calling it, should be a foggy, sloshy, stumbling day of fun for everyone (of age, of course!). It should be a day to throw down the tequila like it’s wine, and engorge ourselves on frozen margarita mix.

But let’s just dispense with the silly façade that it’s a real cultural celebration. It’s time to drink ourselves silly, instead.

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