May 042011
Authors: Colleen McSweeney

Tonight at 7 in the Lory Student Center Theatre, there will not only be popping but there will also be locking –– and despite how it sounds, it will all be legal.

The “pop and lock” is just one of many hip-hop moves set to be performed tonight during the Association for Student Activity Programming sponsored Crewz Control dance show.

Originally, ASAP had planned Crewz Control for March 25 but booking problems forced the group to reschedule. ASAP’s Special Events Committee had initially hoped to garner enough amateur dance crews for a “dance off” type of event, but the open audition in March didn’t attract enough dancers.

“The interest from the crews just wasn’t there,” said ASAP Special Events Coordinator Krystal Kelley.

So ASAP refashioned the event, and it will now feature three different dance groups: BreakEFX, The Beat Breaks and the Colorado Dance Collective.

“Hopefully (the show) will be a little more diverse this time around,” Kelley said. “We’re definitely more prepared for it.”

The diversity of Crewz Control will be found in the mosaic of dance moves and styles each group is set to perform.

BreakEFX, a Denver-based dance crew, will mix pop and lock, acrobatics, flipping and comedy in its routine.

“They’re a fusion of hip-hop and break-dance,” said the group’s manager Arrianne Autaubo. “Their performances are always very high energy.”
The show’s headliner and best known act is The Beat Freaks, an entirely female dance crew that earned fame after finishing second in the third season of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Eight women make up The Beat Freaks, and during their time on “America’s Best Dance Crew” they repeatedly encouraged young girls to never give up on their dreams of  “making it” as a dancer.

Also performing tonight will be selected dancers from the Colorado Dance Collective ­­­­–– a Greeley-based dance company that combines multiple styles of dance, including lyrical, contemporary and hip-hop.

the group’s set will feature three different hip-hop pieces, and two of the dances will showcase the young men and women of the group separately.

“I think it’s pretty cool to see all the different interests other students have here, and (Crewz Control) is just one more thing that plays into the awesome culture we have here on campus,” said junior economics major Dan Cope.

Crewz Control tickets are $5 for students, $7 for non-students and can be purchased at the theatre door or ahead of time at the LSC iBox.

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