May 042011
Authors: Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer

We applaud you for showing up to school today, with so little time before finals! We wouldn’t have wanted you to miss our last column –– not only of the year, but of our college careers. Enjoy this farewell –– we feel like a TV show that’s had a strong three seasons and going any further will just destroy the legacy! We really don’t want to pull a “Family Guy.”

Three years ago we were freshmen (and classmates since fifth grade) and we had a problem with the Collegian ––, mainly a disappointing lack of coverage for tech news.

We came up with this idea for a column and pitched it to the paper –– immediately throwing them for a loop as to where it would even be printed. It certainly didn’t belong with the opinion columnists on the editorial page, which really only left the entertainment section –– which our readers know suits us just fine.

Had we been printed on the editorial page, at least we‘re dedicated to being fair and balanced. “But you don’t cover politics?” you ask. No, but if Mac ran against PC for president, “televised political debates” would have to be renamed “televised flame wars.”

We’ve walked a fine line throughout our 94 columns, trying to write for both the tech savvy and total n00bs at the same time –– we covered Twitter when half of campus had never heard of it, the art of Internet trolling, even classy flavor-tripping parties.

Occasionally, the life of a Collegian columnist is as glamorous as it seems. Every once in awhile, an awesome stranger would recognize us in person and say they read the column –– though almost exclusively, this would happen at house parties or at the bars.


Thanks for those entertaining conversations. More importantly, thanks to everyone who has read our column in the past three years –– it’s really been all about you. We would have given up a long time ago if no one was reading us.

For two years, we produced a short video every week that related to the topic we were writing about. If you find the online version of this column, we’ll embed a best-of compilation of the memorable Binary Boys moments.

Speaking of our name –– credit for that goes to the Collegian staff working when we were hired, and our first editor Cece Wildeman, who we’d also like to thank. We couldn’t get our minds off of calling it TWiT –– This Week in Tech, but Leo LaPorte had already taken that.

For old times’ sake, we’ll end it with a segment we used to do –– website of the week.

Our last shall go to, because as we exit the building, we want your last thoughts of us to be related to duckface. Also, i’mma let you finish reading your paper now, but Justin Bieber is one of the greatest artists of all time.

Columnists Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer might have already written something for the graduation edition of the paper … so if you’re going through withdrawals and sending comments to isn’t enough to get you through, wait for that.

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