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May 032011

Yesterday the Collegian received the news that we are one of the top 3 best all-around daily, four-year college newspapers. This is a huge accomplishment for the paper, and we are proud to share this news with all of our readers and thank you for picking up the paper everyday.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, past and present, who has dedicated countless hours to this paper.

Our reporters, columnists, designers, copy editors and photographers do the critical grunt work, and we could not thank them enough for their dedication to this cause. The reporters and photographers are the ones who get called at 2 in the morning when buildings in Old Town are on fire so our readers get the information first and accurately. Designers and production stay late each night to make sure that paper you pick up each day has the news the rest of our staff dedicated their day to covering and perfecting with the skills they’ve accumulated each year. And thank you to the staff that came before for laying a foundation for excellence.

Our advertising staff works with local businesses to provide the pages we put our content on, businesses who without their contributions there would be no paper. Our production staff works diligently building the pages of the paper every night. Our distribution staff wakes every morning, often in the cold, to deliver our paper to those hot spots around campus.

Our advisors spend each and every excruciating day putting up with our shenanigans, but we can’t thank them enough for sharing their knowledge.

Finally, we want to thank the entire CSU community, who after many years continues to read, support and encourage us young, ambitious writers, photographers and designers.

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