May 022011
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

Sunday night fireworks could be heard throughout Fort Collins.

In New York City, where 3,000 men and women lost their lives nearly 10 years ago, there were tears, flags and cries of triumph.
Sunday night the American people rejoiced in a feeling of justice, years in the making.

President Barack Obama stood in the East Wing of the Whitehouse and calmly told our country that one more burden was lifted from us.
But it is only one burden.

Two days after the bittersweet requiem for a madman has taken place, it is time for us as a country to look to the future.
This death does not mean the end of our wars, just as much as this death does not bring back those we lost on that September day.
Now that the celebrations are over, we must not get caught up in one victory.

With impartial minds we must look at how this event will affect our country.

What does this mean for the U.S. and Middle Eastern relationship as a whole? What backlash could we see from terrorist supporters? Who will take the madman’s place?

These questions –– as much as we would have liked them to –– were not answered on Sunday in President Obama’s iconic speech.

We have celebrated a step forward on a path that still has no clear ending. Yet all the same, it is a much-needed step forward for our nation.
As always we must continue to support our troops abroad and those who made this necessary victory possible.

The job is not over.

Outside of the west entrance of the Lory Student Center there is a Peace Pole dedicated on the one-year anniversary of 9/11. On it are the words, “May peace prevail on Earth,” written in English, Spanish, sign language symbols, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Lakota-Sioux and Arabic.
Even in light of this death, do not forget these words.

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