Letter to the Editor

Apr 282011
Authors: Monika Courtney

In response to your article, “Problem with horse processing ban.”

As the topic you wrote about is deep and complex, allow me to add some info for you.

First, you might want to watch this report, as it aired recently, by George Knapp of 8NewsNow on the Summit and horse slaughter.


Slaughter is not the answer. The mentality of discarding must stop. It’s a well-known fact that even in the good ol’USA inspections were seriously lacking to ensure any aspect of “humanity” which indeed does not exist, but is a big word for propaganda purposes. No slaughter was ever “humane,” whether here or abroad. This country is out of control with breeding. Not just horses, but dogs/cats who pay the ultimate price for an ignorant society at best. Regulate this excess breeding, increase registration fees and rethink the throwaway approach. The excuses of pro-slaughter folks do not reflect a responsible desire to find a morally feasible solution, but embellish their agenda with misleading fairy tales of humane euthanasia, which slaughter is not. The public health threat of adulterated meat is another significant component that is dismissed and reflects the very ill-minded principle of pro-slaughter action.

To see how a modern country like the U.S. resorts to such backwards dealings and trends of animal cruelty, which it clearly is, like it or not – is worrisome and shameful.

Furthermore the finger pointing blame-game of labeling anyone opposing this very propaganda as an animal rights terrorist just demonstrates the lack of intelligence and the profit-driven tunnel-vision on the factual substance of the matter. Educate we must. End the lies we must. Little beginnings lead to greater results. Solutions against horse slaughter were presented to Dr. Grandin before the summit.

Yet in those there is no profit – which is the main incentive driving the pro-slaughter minds: Greed and exploitation, a way to continue the irresponsible dumping grounds of looking the other way, an American trademark.

Also, I encourage you to check these links, which will show you the other side of slaughter that is not as well known but must be exposed, because it is the truth.

Investigation reveals rampant cruelty in industrial slaughterhouses:


To learn the truth go to “Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed,” an award winning feature documentary film that unravels and unveils the true facts of this extremely complex and controversial issue. www.savingamericashorses.org

“The misinformation propagated by the proponents of slaughter and then circulated by the media and others, continues to cause members of the well meaning horse community to come to erroneous conclusions and pass those conclusions onto other as though they are facts. Bottom line: Horse slaughter is not humane and cannot be made humane.

“Awareness must be raised that politics and greed cause corruption in even the most highly respected institutions and organizations.” – Katia Louise, Filmmaker

“Saving America’s Horses A Nation Betrayed” combines independent research, investigations, undercover video and compelling interviews; shot against the backdrop of America’s beautiful countryside. This film is a compelling compilation of expert testimony, independent research, investigations, and true life stories shot against the dramatic backdrops of the American countryside; a “masterpiece tour-de-force” film about a journey of courage, honor and betrayal in a country divided; inspiring great hope for compassion and protection of all horses and burros from cruelty.

Monika Courtney is a resident of Evergreen, CO.

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