Apr 272011
Authors: Lianna Salva

You may know him from “America’s Best Dance Crew.” When he’s not break dancing or into hip-hop, he’s an accomplished musician, singer and graffiti artist.

He is Victor Kim, a member of “America’s Best Dance Crew’s” season-three winner Quest Crew, which will perform tonight at 7 p.m. in the Lory Student Center Theatre.
This free event is part of the Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center’s Asian Fest, which continues through May 7. 

“Asian Fest is a celebration of Asian and Pacific/American culture,” said A/PACC Volunteer Program Coordinator Natasha Pepperl. “We put this on to help educate the community about the Asian culture and also to make the community more aware of current issues facing the Asian American population at CSU,” she said.

This event, as well as Asian Fest as a whole, serves to combat the stereotypes put on the Asian-American community. 

“A lot of the times Asians are put in a box. When people here the word ‘Asian,’ they think of Chinese or Japanese,” Pepperl said. “But it actually includes this whole group of people, like India and Iran.”

Maila Her, education coordinator for the A/PACC office, invited Kim to visit the Rams.

“I personally wanted him to come because he defies all the stereotypes of the Asian community,” Her said. “I wanted to bring that diversity to CSU.”

Of Korean-American heritage, he was born and raised in Sacramento, Calif., and was graduated from the University of California Irvine last year with a bachelor’s degree in economics. 

Since winning “ABDC,” Kim has appeared as a guest performer on “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance.”

According to Kim’s profile on the Quest Crew website, Kim was first inspired to dance after seeing Cuba Gooding Jr. break dance on a Jerry Maguire commercial.

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