Apr 272011
Authors: Matt Miller and Courtney Riley

Students were evacuated from Parmelee Hall after fire alarms went off at about 10:45 Wednesday night.

At the time of publication, authorities and CSU spokeswoman DellRae Moellenberg could not confirm the cause of the incident, though students told the Collegian they thought a pipe had burst in a room on the second floor in the southeast corner of the building.

Students from the second floor said they heard a pop and saw water flush out of a room.

“I heard students say they saw firemen go in with squeegees,” said Aimee Freestone, the late-night cook at Corbett Hall.

At about 11:20 p.m., students were moved from standing outside into the Corbett-Parmelee dining hall.

For more information check Collegian.com today for more updates.

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