Stern: Blame the victim

Apr 252011

I officially and unabashedly blame the victim.

We are part of the most deluded and entitled generation of Americans and we are to blame for supporting the system.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) presented a plan recently to reduce $46 trillion in spending over the next decade to $40 trillion.

When he held several meetings last week in his district to discuss the necessary, albeit insufficient, entitlement cuts, he was greeted with derision and scorn for suggesting cuts to entitlements.

Please don’t buy into the typical liberal crap about European governments providing healthcare and education to every citizen.

Those systems were only feasible because the U.S. taxpayer funded the defense of those nations and even with that massive portion of their budget covered those systems became insolvent recently.

According to the Washington Post, one of the attendees of Ryan’s meetings was concerned for his 32-year-old son who suffers from extreme attention deficit disorder, video game addiction and my guess is social isolation but that’s purely conjecture.

When we take an objective look at our society and the federal government, there is an obvious correlation to the government we do not question and the disintegration of our sense of responsibility.

In Monday’s Collegian fellow columnist Lydia Jorden wrote a piece supporting the intrusive manner in which the TSA has begun to ensure flying the friendly skies provides at least a glimmer of a happy ending.
While I would not assume one column written by one columnist in one school is a universally accurate indicator of the views of a single generation, I do believe Jorden’s views reflect an unfortunate reality.

This generation is truly ignorant. For the most part you all were raised to believe patriotism means supporting the federal government and not questioning the ways in which they do business.

Do not accept TSA’s claims at face value. Just like the drug war, this is about politicians and bureaucrats abusing power. TSA consistently lets through firearms and weapons according to their own annual reports but we point to a dozen as success? Marijuana shipments intercepted means success?

Many of you found this became truly distasteful if not nauseating during the previous administration. Yet, for some reason you believed this administration would be different. It isn’t.

The federal government was and should have always remained the agent acting in the interests of the 50 state governments. The moment it began acting as the agent of its citizens it began growing out of control. Now we have a generation believing if you cannot provide it on your own, government will provide it for you.

Need I remind all of you, government should limit spending to what it collects in taxes. Because taxes are involuntary, the services provided by government should be minimized as much as possible. The Republic formed by the Constitution should have prevented this from happening. It didn’t. I’d blame Hamilton but he got his just desserts.

I do my best throughout the year to encourage those of you with the capacity to see beyond what the mainstream media vomits out on a daily basis entirely with the goal of preserving the status quo and for each of you to seek true self-sustainability.

Think of an election like dating, sure this person gives me butterflies and boy do I love the way they sound when they whisper sweet nothings after four months of dating, but who is this person going to be when we wake up next to each other in five years? Ten?

Will we still bring out the best in each other? Will one of us be impotent? Too often we elect based on the way someone sounds. The current president won the general election for a multitude of factors, don’t flout his ability to give good aural as a reason many of the youngest generation voted for him.

If you voted for him, you voted for an indecisive career politician with a history of accomplishing exactly nothing on his own. If you voted for the Republican, there were only two major differences, he doesn’t speak very well and he’s of a different ethnicity. Either was willing to use the same rhetoric as his opponent if it meant winning.
We have to change. A status quo politician does not have the requisite character to do it.

Seth J. Stern supports Ron Paul and eats red meat. His column appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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