Apr 252011
Authors: Colleen McSweeney

Monday night, an entertained audience learned how to write an awful love song, bake scones and murder a hooker. No – it wasn’t a joint lecturefrom James Blunt, Martha Stewart and Charlie Sheen.

Instead, those were just three of the topics covered in songs during The Axis of Awesome’s concert in the Lory Student Center Theatre.
The Association for Student Activity Programming’s Comedy Committee has planned The Axis of Awesome show since February, and ASAP comedy coordinator Tim Brogdon thinks the hard work has paid off.

“The turnout completely exceeded our expectations,” Brogdon said. “It was really awesome.”

Not surprisingly, “awesome” seemed to be the word on everyone’s lips, as well as “kick-ass,” which echoed among the attendees after watching three hilarious Australian men sing and joke about pretty much everything funny.

When they first took the stage, The Axis of Awesome — made up of Lee Naimo, Jordan Raskopoulos and Benny Davis — attempted to set a mood reminiscent of a raging rock concert.

 “Imagine you’re in a giant stadium, and there’s a sweaty guy with no shirt sitting next to you. And he has ‘Axis of Awesome’ tattooed on his chest,” lead vocalist Raskopoulos said to the crowd.

 With keyboard player Davis’ purple velvet jacket and Lee’s flame-adorned electric guitar, the comedy trio could have been mistaken for a ‘80s
rock-and-roll cover band. That is, until, they started singing.

 As they sang their original songs, whose titles included “Bird Plane” and “Sexual Harassment,” there was barely ever a lull from the theatre’s audience of 356 people.

 And when they parodied the Fray’s “How to Save a Life” with their own “How to Bake a Scone” and “How to Kill a Hooker,” the crowd’s laughter and applause was uproarious.

 The abundance of laughs continued throughout the concert, and huge cheers of recognition erupted when the trio finally played their most recognized song: “Four Chords.”

 After their performance, The Axis of Awesome stayed outside the theater to sign autographs, take pictures and sell merchandise to the amused attendees.
“(The show) was a hoot,” junior history major Jordan Coulter said. “It started out funny; it stayed
funny — it was just really funny.”

 Coulter wasn’t the only one who thought The Axis of Awesome’s show was a continuous laugh-fest.

“My favorite part was everything between the beginning and the end. So basically, the whole thing,” said junior zoology major Connor Shank.
 For the funny Australians, the admiration was mutual.

“College shows have been the best part of the (U.S. tour) so far,” guitarist Lee said in a backstage interview with the Collegian.

“We get to sing stupid songs for such lovely people,” Raskopoulos added while on stage. “It’s because of people like you guys that we don’t have to have real jobs.”

Staff writer Colleen McSweeney can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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