Apr 242011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Sunday, millions of Catholics all over the world gathered together to celebrate Easter, a holiday that honors the life of a man who preached the values of kindness and tolerance and has since inspired countless followers to live lives based on genuinely making the world a better place.

However, amid escalating allegations from across the Earth of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests, the very messages that have defined Catholicism have been convoluted, lost in a slew of cover-ups and scandals and lost within an organization that won’t take accountability for its mistakes.

In an article published by the New York Times on Saturday, it was revealed that the Archdiocese in San Francisco has refused to accept responsibility for the actions of a string of abusive priests. In an article published by the Associated Press a few days earlier, it was further discussed how the Vatican has refused to hold itself liable for the actions of a priest in Oregon, instead moving him from parish to parish after allegations of his abuse surfaced.

This all points to an organization that is trying to save face rather than actually take accountability for a real problem, ignoring an issue that has plagued its organization rather than making any attempt to rectify it.

And this is something that is ultimately going to come back to haunt them.

Christianity is a religion that advocates, more than anything, being selfless and treating others the way that you want to be treated. It’s not about covering up detrimental scandals, and it’s not about fighting to maintain an organization and a hierarchy that is quite frankly flawed and in need of reform.

Christianity is about self-improvement and living life by a stringent moral code. And that’s our challenge for you, Vatican: Practice what you preach.

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