Apr 212011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Students are whistling the apathy tune … again.

Yesterday CSU President Tony Frank and Board of Governors Chairman Pat McConathy held an open forum for students to come discuss issues and ask questions.

Eight people showed up. Only two were unaffiliated with Associated Students of CSU.

But Frank wasn’t surprised by the turnout. Why? Because students have continually shown they don’t care.
Tuition is going up at least 20 percent next year. Lawmakers are calling for students to speak up if they want to see change, and Frank has sent out updates all year letting students know what to expect in the looming future.

Yet CSU students won’t even show up for a forum after a campus-wide email was sent out informing students it was happening.

Last year almost 300 students gathered on the Plaza for the “I Am Higher Education” rally to fight for higher education along with campuses across the state.

Where is that enthusiasm now when it is needed the most?

The only people who can make lawmakers care enough to save higher education in Colorado are the students who are paying for it and suffering when it is taken away. Take a stand and show up.

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