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Authors: Bonnie Cleveland

Students in the Horse Training and Sale Preparation class (ANEQ 341) don’t spend their class periods sitting in desks.

Instead, they can be found at CSU’s B.W. Pickett Equine Center, training and preparing 29 horses for the annual Wagonhound land and livestock student competition on Saturday this April.

Throughout the day, students in ANEQ will show their horses, displaying riding maneuvers, conditioning and fitting for sale as part of their final project.

This weekend’s competition lays the groundwork for the Legends of Ranching Performance Horse Show next Saturday, April 30.

Associate Professor Jerry Black said students train 2 to 3-year-old horses that have never been ridden. The first semester focuses on students working with their horse from the ground while the second semester concentrates on training them.

“Students get bucked off from time to time,” Black said.

The dedication required for this class attracts passionate students.

Equine Science major John Ludwig has ridden horses since he was seven, and has always known horses would be in his line of work. Horse training is not a redundant task, Ludwig added.

“Working with horses always presents new challenges; there’s always something to work toward,” Ludwig said.

This class has challenged Ludwig in contine to “teach the horse new things so they don’t get bored.” In a class with such a high level of commitment, Ludwig has also been challenged with time management.

Despite the course’s challenges, Ludwig said he developed a strong bond with his horse, Kool Dory, after working with her all year.

Ludwig explained that the horses move around a lot. The student trainer-horse relationship is a constant in the horses’ day. The students teach their horses riding manners.

“We’re like their mothers and fathers,” Ludwig said.

Kool Dory was assigned to Ludwig for the class by Animal Science Instructor Bobby Skelton and was consigned to CSU Purina Mills. Various ranches/companies pay for horses that are trained during the class.

The 29 students who have trained the horses throughout the semester will be competing in two categories: salesmanship and horsemanship.

For salesmanship, students present a two-minute speech on their horse. For the horsemanship portion, students complete a pattern involving opening/closing a gate, walking over a bridge and trotting over poles. Students also have the opportunity to gain a scholarship.

Animal Science Coordinator Megan Grieve described this weekend as an opportunity for students, “market the horses and gain experience in a pressure-filled environment.”

The horses that have been trained in the Horse Training and Sale Preparation class will be auctioned off.

For more information on the Wagonhound Land and Livestock Student Competition (Saturday) or the Legends of Ranching Performance Horse Sale (April 30), call the CSU Equine Center at 970-491-8373.

Staff writer Bonnie Cleveland can be reached at news@collegian.com.

Calling horse lovers

  • Attend the Wagonhound land and livestock student competition on Saturday at 9 a.m.
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