Stern: Drug war futility

Apr 182011

Since the criminal and disastrous presidency of Richard Nixon, the federal government has carried on his legacy of stupid decisions with remarkable acumen.

The drug war will forever serve as a reminder of how invasive even the government of a Republic formed of the people, for the people, by the people, will become if left unchecked.

Wednesday, many around campus and the nation will join in celebration of marijuana culture.

Though I understand the limited mental capacities of the liberal mindset may have led several of you to assume my well-deserved criticism of the administration of Chairman Zero to believe I’m a nutty right-winger, trust me, I have as many divergent views from the right as I do from the left.

Though our current Oval Office occupier has admitted experimenting with recreational drug use as an adolescent, he laughed when asked within weeks of his inauguration about decriminalizing marijuana.

Though it may seem many law enforcement officers support controlling the population with an iron fist, the vast majority of officers I’ve spoken to personally over the past 15 years regarding marijuana use have supported decriminalization.

We have to understand what the government is telling us when they pass moronic legislation such as the drug war. We have heard a great deal about Afghanistan as the longest war in U.S. history. Lies. Nixon essentially declared the drug war in 1969, 42 years ago or, 42.0 for you mathletes who partake.

The drug war is entirely and completely about controlling the population. When one discusses acts on behalf of the federal government to restrain liberty the list is long and infamous, but the Patriot Act and drug war serve as examples 1 and 1a of the utter futility of trusting the corrupt parties operating the helm of the Titanic.

Liberals want to talk about inequality? Easily the most racist-in-effect legislation in the history of the country is the drug war. Disparities in drug war prosecution are undeniable, and it’s not because minorities use more or sell more drugs.

How effective has the drug war been? Well, prior to medical marijuana coming to Colorado, everyone could acquire quality herb. After medicinal marijuana came to Colorado?

Hard to measure if it’s easier or harder, but the dispensary crackdowns by both state and federal authorities have been massive wastes of tax dollars and police resources.

Law enforcement often will point to pounds or tonnage of marijuana seizures as proof they are winning victories in the drug war. They aren’t and they know it.

They haven’t stopped the flow of drugs. They have succeeded in spending massive amounts of money with no proof at the street level they ever did anything at all.

For those of you who don’t object to alcohol consumption but do object to marijuana, let me say firsthand as someone with extensive experience in consumption of both alcohol and marijuana, you are as hypocritical as the sun is hot.

I rejected the arguments against marijuana decriminalization well before I ever used it. The arguments never made sense; it’s a gateway drug, never proven; it’s addictive, no it isn’t and certainly nowhere near as addictive as prescription pain medications; it leads to a breakdown in the fabric of society, you mean more than the Jersey Shore?

Many of you have experienced the effects of marijuana, just as many of you have experienced the effects of alcohol. You already know which is more dangerous.

Jack and Jim have done far more harm to American society than Cheech and Chong.

When you’re drunk you may think you are 10-feet tall and bulletproof, but when you’re high you don’t think you’re anything but: a, paranoid; b, high; c, really thirsty and/or d, really wishing you had some Pepsi and Double Stuff Oreos.

Personally I still don’t understand why the restaurant industry hasn’t gotten more firmly behind marijuana decriminalization. For instance, imagine how sales and business would increase in Old Town if you could toke before walking into Enzio’s or Cheba Hut.

This year on April 20, recognize the debate is about control. They do not want you to enjoy the liberty we hold so dear. Both parties, most representatives, want you complacent, dependent and obedient to the man.

Spark one up for rebellion CSU, we are, after all, the green university.

Seth J. Stern advocates vaporizers for the fiscally responsible. His column appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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