Apr 182011
Authors: Erin Udell

In a little less than three weeks, hundreds of students will flock to campus, strip down to their underwear and donate their clothes to charity for the fourth annual CSU Undie Run.

But, according to Chandler Stewart –– the Undie Run organization president –– this year will see some major changes, including which charity the clothes are donated to.

Last year, the run brought in hundreds of students who ultimately donated their abandoned clothing to the relief effort in Haiti. This year, the charity is still unknown.

“We’ll find a place where they (the clothes) are needed and where they’re wanted,” said Hannah Love, the Undie Run’s graduate advisor.

This year, Stewart said the club plans to collaborate with different student organizations, like the Association for Student Activity Programming to incorporate a show by Denver-based band Bop Skizzum for RamStock, a May 6 concert series on the Lory Student Center West Lawn.

“At the very end (of the run) Bop Skizzum is going to come out in their underwear and play their final song,” Stewart said. “This is huge for us because we might be able to get more people to go.”

Throughout its four-year history, the event has mainly traveled around campus by word of mouth and through invitations on Facebook, beckoning upwards of 800 students to the Plaza on the Friday night before finals.

“It’s always better at night and will definitely be awesome with the music this year,” said Aaron Brunskill, a junior philosophy major and member of the Undie Run organization.

And while the organization considered changing the run from a night to a daytime activity, Stewart said it will continue being held at its usual time.

“It was a possibility (changing the event time) but as of right now, the biggest change will be our collaboration with the other student organizations,” Stewart said.
“It’s just —it’s a finals week tradition, and it’s for a really great cause.”

As for the future of the Undie Run, Stewart hopes to not only continue the event but also see it grow while he’s still at CSU.

“This is not something that’s going to be ending anytime soon,” Stewart said.

Senior Reporter Erin Udell can be reached at news@collegian.com.hjfadshjafd

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