Apr 172011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Stereotypes are a funny thing. While often derived from truth, they tend to sensationalize that which characterizes the group in question.

For example: Plenty of college students party each weekend, leaving the festivities far too intoxicated and shouting incomprehensibly at passerby. But there are plenty more who prefer to stay in on Friday nights to watch a movie with friends or curl up with a good book.

On the other end of the spectrum exist students who, this past weekend, gave up time to give back to the Fort Collins and greater communities to which they belong.

And to those 2,200 CSU students who lent a hand during the 15th annual CSUnity Day on Saturday, we say, thank you.

Throughout the day, 200 student organizations spread out about town to rake lawns clear of leaves, assist local elderly residents with home-improvement projects and, in one case, cheer on a group of Colorado special olympians preparing for an upcoming regional meet.

And guess what? At no time was any one participant arrested. There was not a keg in sight, and no one used a nearby yard to dispose of their beer bottles or used condoms.

Too often, Fort Collins’ townies disregard and even denigrate the college students who make up a significant percentage of the city’s population.

But the fact of the matter is, while there are too many students who fit into and continue to shape the classic college-kid mold, there are as many doing good who too often go unseen.

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