Apr 142011
Authors: Collegian Ediorial Staff

The CSU club baseball coaches were reprimanded by the CSU Campus Recreation Department for using obscene language during a double-header in Prescott, Ariz. March 14.

The action was justified.

When wearing CSU green and gold you represent our entire community. Your behavior reflects on the students, staff and faculty.

It is understandable that in the heat of the game, unfortunate things are said that most wish they hadn’t. You must be accountable for those actions.

A four-letter word is going to spill-out every once in a while, but the alleged verbiage used was sexual and rather disgusting in nature. Some things you just can’t say, even in the heat of the moment.

Kobe Bryant was fined earlier this week $100,000 for using an anti-gay slur. This action was justified, and what he said was not your everyday curse word. It was a derogatory term aimed at a group of people.

However, the Collegian Editorial Board would like to pose the question of what would happen if our bigger name coaches used language like what the baseball coaches are accused of using.

It is secret to no one that Division I coaches use foul language. But would it be a fireable offense if football, basketball or volleyball coaches used such language? Our belief is that it wouldn’t.

Granted, our football coaches and others in sanctioned sports are working for pay and under greater pressure, but are the standards the same?

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