Letter to the Editor

Apr 142011

I was very disappointed to read “Need More Sweatshops” in Wednesday’s Collegian. This article expresses the kind of apathy about global injustice that I would hope the Collegian Editorial Board would steer clear of.

The issue is not that sweatshops improve the quality of life for people who previously had no jobs. The issue is that corporations could pay these workers more and pass the cost onto the consumer. In a better world we would all be willing to put basic human rights before profit, and we would vote with our dollars to ensure our products are made and traded fairly. Sadly — and I don’t just speak for “self-righteous liberals” here — the Collegian Editorial Board seems to be missing the bigger picture. Profit-driven Corporate America has been outsourcing jobs for far too long, and nothing except the educated consumer is going to stop them. It is up to responsible and socially conscious individuals to decide to pay more for humanely and locally manufactured goods. The article from the Collegian Editorial Board falls pathetically short of encouraging us to fight poverty and injustice.
Anna Poliakon is a freshman biological sciences major._

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