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Apr 142011
Authors: Cameron Tafoya

The 122,000 square-foot Engineering II Building would not have been possible were it not for a $10 million donation from CSU alumnus and Level 3 Communications Chairman Walter Scott Jr. and his love of engineering.

“[This is] an opportunity to make a significant change in the engineering program at CSU,” Scott said. “CSU did an outstanding job giving me an education.”

Scott and his wife, Suzanne, were among around 200 guests at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Engineering II Building, which is estimated to cost$68.7 million and will be built directly north of Green Hall on the corner
of Meridian and Laurel Avenues.

CSU President Tony Frank, College of Engineering Dean Sandra Woods, Vice President of University Operations Amy Parsons and Scott all addressed the crowd, who were packed from wall-to-wall in a white tent set up for the event, emphasizing the importance of engineering.

Scott’s main focus is to get students more interested in engineering, saying that other countries are more advanced than the U.S. With more students interested in engineering, technology will change more rapidly.

“The world has changed, it has changed dramatically,” said Scott, who will be returning to his home in Nebraska later this evening.

The new engineering building will house interdisciplinary faculty who will help solve global problems, such as needs for the environment, energy and human health. According to Frank, graduate students involved in this program will take this knowledge into the real world to help make a better tomorrow.

“This will help us deal with fundamental challenges that face our planet,” Frank said.

Officials emphasized that this building will cross boundaries. It is meant to not only help the students with their education but to push them forward and create new ideas for the world around us.

“It will be a tremendous asset for CSU students and for the university overall,” said CSU Spokesman Brad Bohlander. “CSU is a leader in education, research and helping drive the economy both locally and around the state.”

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