Letter to the Editor

Apr 132011
Authors: David Marckres

If Ms. Scherer could consider leaving her agricultural roots behind and become a hippie, I thought I can leave my hippie roots behind and become a farmer. Instead of thinking about how I can help my fellow man, I’d become a freeloading farmer and file for part of the $30 billion in federal subsidies ($5 billion in direct payments) they get for doing nothing. Also, I’d be eligible for the billions in real estate taxes that are evaded at the state, county and local levels. If a farmer’s poor, it’s his own fault. How can you fail?

Also, instead of trying to make the world a better place, I can plant bio-engineered crops fence row to fence row that poison us and destroy the environment to maximize my profit. I can grow corn that is used for ethanol. What a great joke on the American people. We take oil and turn it into diesel and fertilizer that we use to grow crops that we turn back into gasoline. Why not just turn the oil into gas and forget growing the corn? That’s a juicy subsidy too.

Then I can get rid of my cheery disposition and become a reactionary. I would be rabidly anti-union, even though I would belong to a seed, fertilizer and crop distribution co-operatives. Now that I think about it, I have too much respect for my fellow human, the environment and myself to become what we call a “farmer” today. I’ll stay a hippie.

David E. Marckres is a Fort Collins resident.

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