Apr 132011
Authors: Ian Hopkins

The end of the “Killzone” trilogy has finally been reached and fans of the series will not be disappointed with “Killzone 3.” There is an absolutely magnificent original soundtrack and stunning visuals that become lifelike and engrossing when the gun battles get heated. This is the best part of “Killzone 3” because the larger the firefights get, the more the game sucks you in. The awe and intensity of this game just seemed to get better with every passing hour.

However, the whole time I was playing “Killzone 3,” I couldn’t help but have a feeling of déjà vu because this game feels eerily like the “Gears of War” franchise. Taking cover behind walls and the slower, strategic pace of the gameplay feel like carbon copies.

“Killzone 3” greets you with a beautifully rendered, albeit very long, introductory movie that catches the player up to the happenings in the “Killzone” trilogy. The cut scenes and game play are very close in quality ­­–– this is not a bad thing though. The visual quality of this game easily surpasses the quality and clarity of any high-definition sport. This is no easy feat either because high-definition sporting events are about as good as picture quality currently can get.

Little known video game music composer Joris de Man created a very emotionally engaging soundtrack to follow up his award-winning scores in the previous “Killzone” video game. Not only does the music work perfectly with the action in the game, it makes “Killzone 3” a memorable video game that players will keep coming back to for years to come.

The ability to customize of “Killzone 3’s” controls are a very welcome feature because the standard control scheme is not as user-friendly as I would like. They are easily reworked enough that everyone will be able to adjust the controls to fit their play style. I did notice the cover system –– which was copied from “Gears of War” –– does not work well at all. I would accidentally get stuck on walls more times than I could count.

When I wanted to go behind cover, I couldn’t; it just doesn’t work as well as it should.
“Killzone 3” has an amazing number of features to keep players coming back for more. An offline multiplayer mode, online multiplayer, a campaign and cooperative campaign give the game hundreds of hours of playability. These features are almost requirements to be a great game in today’s world.

Unfortunately, I don’t have wads of cash lying around so I was not able to test out the motion controls and the 3D gaming of “Killzone 3.” IGN.com did have the ability to play the game in 3D and with motion controls. The motion controls and 3D were not very impressive, but they are nice additions.

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