Apr 112011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The CSU Police Department has implemented a new, easier-to-understand signage system for CSU’s reckless contingent of skateboarders, longboarders and cyclists to better understand the “intricacies” of CSU’s dismount zones.

This is a great idea in principal: After all, who hasn’t been almost mauled by an idiotic longboarder during a high traffic time in the plaza or had to jump into the bushes to avoid a clueless hipster on a singlespeed?

However, it’s tragic that it has reached this point; you would have to be an absolute, inconsiderate moron not to notice the signs as they were before the changes. Despite the fact that the new signage has drastically reduced the number of tickets given out to students (from 139 tickets in 2008 to 62 tickets in 2010), it’s also kind of sad.

After all, the real tragedy here is that CSU admits students who can’t read signs. Maybe we ought to make our admissions standards tighter or maybe limit the number of brain cells that the average CSU student kills per weekend.

Kidding aside, the frustrating thing in this whole situation is that there are students out there who either don’t have the common sense or at least the human decency not to ride their bikes through massive crowds of people, and that there are students who just don’t care enough to get off their bike or skateboards, despite the fact that there is a sign telling them not to.

This isn’t high school anymore people; rebellion is no longer awesome.

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