Apr 112011
Authors: Allison Sylte

Last Friday, in one of CSU President Tony Frank’s ubiquitous campus-wide budget e-mails, it was said that in-state undergraduate tuition will likely increase by 20 percent with higher differential tuition rates for underclassmen.

The good news, according to Frank, is that these are the largest hikes students are likely to see in the near future and after this year, increases aren’t projected to be more than 10 percent.

“I’m confident that we won’t see any further increases of this scope in the future as we come out of the greatest recession that any of us have ever seen,” Frank said.

The fiscal year 2011-12 budget won’t be approved by the Board of Governors until June, and though Frank said “there isn’t very much that I like about this current budget,” he also said it will continue to maintain the quality of a CSU education.

Undergraduate resident-base tuition will ultimately increase by $1,051 –– from $6,986 per year with tuition and fees to at least $8,037 –– and financial aid is available to students who, despite having completed a substantial amount of credits, are unable to afford their education.

The current budget also does not include any salary increases for faculty and staff, who have already experienced a three-year pay freeze.

“The faculty and staff here at CSU have had an exceptional attitude regarding pay freezes and have not asked for a pay increase in the midst of tuition increases,” Frank said. “However, in the next budget, we’re anticipating some salary increases simply to keep things competitive at a national level.”

Though Frank calls the current budget and tuition hikes “philosophically bad,” he also said they are a necessary evil, and he simply cannot see cutting other areas that would not compromise the quality of a CSU degree.

“I want to thank the students, faculty and staff of CSU for helping us get through the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes,” Frank said. “I’m hoping that we don’t see further cuts ahead.”
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