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Apr 072011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Rachel Roberson planned on coming to CSU as a one-semester stop at the beginning of her freshman year, after deciding that a basketball and academic scholarship at Hampton University in Virginia wasn’t for her.

Now in her junior year, she is ASCSU’s vice president-elect and has
been involved in a diverse range of activities at CSU, including alternative spring breaks and Key Community.

“I found a niche in a community, and here I am today,” she said.

ASCSU President-elect Eric Berlinberg came to CSU because he believes
in land-grant institutions and loves the city of Fort Collins.

“CSU is a high-quality campus,” he said. “Fort Collins is amazing.”

He began his academic career as a technical theater major, then
switched to an engineering major to broaden his horizons and is now
majoring in business management.

“I’m a businessman at heart,” he said.

He hopes to one day become the Chief Executive Officer of a large corporation.

Roberson is majoring in political science, along with ethnic studies,
which, she says, serves as a nice compliment.

“I love both of my majors very much,” she said, adding that her dream
job is to become an adoption attorney for individual families.

When Berlinberg and Roberson manage to find spare time, they love
experiencing the vibrant culture of Fort Collins.

Roberson said she loves the small coffee shops around town, saying
that she loves the dimly-lit rooms, live performances and artistic

“They’re a big perception of what college life is,” she said.

When Berlinberg isn’t picking up an extra shift at one of his jobs,
his favorite hangout spots in Fort Collins are the breweries. He loves
the social elements of Fort Collins, particularly the fact that it is
a big music town with a lot of local bands.

“Music is my passion in life,” he said.

Roberson is interested in sports, going to the movies and reading, and she participated in three fantasy football leagues, one in which she
prides herself on winning as the only female and non-Division-I
football player.

Berlinberg loves being up to speed on everything in the technology
world, as well as doing professional audio work and working concerts.

“And I love giving my little brother a hard time,” he added.

He said he has had a fun three years and can’t really pinpoint a
favorite aspect of CSU because he loves everything about it, though
his favorite thing he has been involved in on campus is RamRide.

“It’s my passion, my baby,” he said.

Roberson said one of her best times at CSU has been participating in

Key Community Challenge, a competition among freshmen Key Community

Both Roberson and Berlinberg said one thing they would encourage
students to do is to get involved early on campus and find their niche
right away.

“It’s easy to stay in your roles after you find your first quick
niches freshman year,” she said. “(You) need to ask questions and find
out what resources you might be missing out on. Students don’t take
advantage of that enough.”
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