Apr 062011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Congratulations to Eric Berlinberg and Rachel Roberson on being voted Associated Students of CSU president and vice president for the 2011-12 school year.

As next year’s student leaders, you will have the unmatched responsibility managing CSU’s student government, which controls more than $31 million in student fees.

The student captains of our university, you will have to advocate for students amid a statewide higher education funding crisis, you must continue working to mend the relationship between Fort Collins and students and you will take on the task of making CSU the best campus it can be for 25,000 students.

None of those things will be easy, but we’re confident you can succeed.

First, with more than 40 campaign initiatives, you must get to work straightaway, making good on the promises that got you elected. Everyone can make empty promises and excuses, but by applying to those platforms the same hard work, institutional knowledge and planning that got you elected, we believe you can live up to your hype and take care of your constituents.

Second, being open and honest is paramount for any successful leader. Both of you have a clear passion for your campus, and keeping communication lines open with campus will go a long way in building trust and connecting with your stakeholders.

Third, this year ASCSU has been a dysfunctional organization that’s served few. By running an efficient, well-organized office with the best people, not just friends, in important positions, you will make sure ASCSU can serve the community best.

Throughout your campaign, you have shown a lot of promise. It’s time to make good on that potential.
Good luck Eric and Rachel; make your campus proud.

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