Apr 052011
Authors: Rich Guggenheim

What I learned from watching you walk around barefooted today.

You look ridiculous. Those of us who are choosing not to participate in the event look at those who have chosen to participate and think you look ridiculous. Not only are you breaking the law by violating the heath code, which requires shoes to be worn in public buildings, you also put yourselves and the public at danger for the spread of infectious disease. The possibility for fines and lawsuits levied against the university jump significantly in cases like this.

Secondly, those of you who participated in this event, and those of you who organized this event, let me ask you –– besides dirty feet, and a possible stubbed toe, what did you really accomplish today? Today you walked around to show your support for the “millions of children who have no shoes.”  Guess what, tomorrow, after all is said and done, they will have no more shoes than they did today. While having no shoes is a big deal in today’s western culture, perhaps organizers and participants in this event could come up with a more effective way to become a part of the solution to this problem. Perhaps, and this is just an idea, a shoe drive could be organized, and new and used shoes could be donated and given to those without shoes! So for those of you who participated in today’s barefoot event, congratulations on accomplishing … Nothing? Please wash your feet before you go to bed!

Rich Guggenheim is a graduate student.

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