Don’t forget students

Apr 052011

People sometimes forget this, but CSU students make up 25,000 of the almost 150,000 Fort Collins community members. We play as much of a role in making Fort Collins an award-winning city as anyone else, and because of this, we deserve as much of a voice as anyone else.

It’s true that, according to certain reports in certain other newspapers, we sometimes drink too much, and sometimes we may be a bit inconsiderate during our wild nights of revelry. Some of us don’t care about city issues, and some of us might be more of a hindrance to the community than a contribution.

But by the same token, many of us participate in community service projects and vote in city elections. We keep Old Town vibrant, and our alumni bring much-needed business and innovation to the city.

As we welcome a slew of newly elected city officials, we hope these officials realize we’re a constituency that deserves a great deal of respect and consideration.
We hope our new leaders will consider our voice alongside the voices of some of our disgruntled neighbors, and that they will consider our need for fair and cheap housing and our desire for a little bit of respect.

We hope we can be considered equal members of the city, and not simply second-class citizens who don’t contribute anything other than excessive noise, littered beer cans and “rivers of urine.”

And we hope, most of all, whenever our officials make a decision that can affect students, they at least consider our side of the issue.

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