Apr 042011
Authors: Kari Pills

Jeffrey McCubbin, an executive associate dean at Oregon State University, has been named the new dean of CSU’s College of Applied Human Sciences.

McCubbin was named an Oregon State’s distinguished professor and his research has received more than $7 million in funding. He said the professional opportunity of the position drove his interests but said he had some influence from his wife and son who both graduated from CSU.

“He’s an accomplished individual,” said Gretchen Gerding, assistant to the dean for Communications and Programs of Applied Human Sciences, who was also on the search committee for the new dean. “We wanted to bring someone like that to our college. We’re really excited that he’s coming, and we think he’s really the one to lead us and to take us to the next level.”
As dean of the Applied Human Sciences, McCubbin said he plans to help the faculty to make good decisions and move together as one.

“My job as a dean is to be to be a leader and mentor,” McCubbin said.

McCubbin, who has been at OSU since 1988, currently directs an internationally recognized graduate program in movement studies and disability. The program was designed to help professionals better respond to motor and physical fitness needs of people with disabilities.

“He’ll really be able to help us increase external funding,” Gerding said. “Both for research and from our donors and alumnae.”

As a graduate student, McCubbin said that he became interested in people with disabilities and their health.
“As a professor you want to create and build something. You want to build a program that is sustainable for funding,” he said.

McCubbin will finish the term at OSU before he comes to CSU on July 1, where they have 9 more weeks worth of school.
In addition to his duties at CSU, McCubbin will also help mentor OSU Ph.D students who he has worked with from across the country until they graduate.

“We had a large, strong pool of candidates,” Gerding said. “We identified him right away because of his administrative and research roles.”

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