ASCSU endorsement

Apr 042011
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

The Editorial Board hereby endorses Chase Eckerdt and Justin Safady for Associated Students of CSU president and vice-president. All of the campaigns met with the Collegian Editorial Board to tell us why we should endorse them, and we were thoroughly impressed with Chase and Justin.

They are both pragmatic individuals with great ideas that could make ASCSU actually relevant to the CSU campus. Crazy, we know.

One of their promises is to freeze students’ fees, regardless of whether or not they’re student initiated. Students are facing at least a 20 percent hike in tuition; there’s no reason for them to spend more on fees.

The duo wants to restructure ASCSU so there will be more collaboration and less money spent. Brilliant? We thought so too. ASCSU has more money than they know what to do with, which is why there is a huge amount of rollover money each year. Chase said during his meeting with us that their administration might even try to decrease ASCSU’s budget and give that money back to students.

Another promise is to run a new bus route through Transfort from Old Town back to designated stops around Fort Collins during the weekends from 1 to 3 a.m. They’ve already planned out the funds for the route and have had conversations with Transfort. Old Town suddenly sounds like a fun place to be again.

Eric and Rachel’s campaign is flashy with lots of promises to reach every student and get them to make an impulse decision. There’s no way they’ll be able to get all 40 of their campaign platforms accomplished. They’ve even admitted that. Plus, Chase and Justin haven’t resulted to pettiness to win the election by attempting to levy absurd fines against other candidates, like Eric and Rachel.

Chase and Justin haven’t tried to make false promises to win votes, they’re straightforward and will be the change ASCSU needs.

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