Credentials a no-go

Apr 032011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Two of the Associated Students of CSU campaigns have promised a concert at Hughes Stadium, something that this campus hasn’t seen for over 30 years.
Presidential candidate Chase Eckerdt wants to create “Aggie Days,” a weekend-long event for Homecoming that would include a concert on Thursday and the homecoming football game on Saturday.

ASCSU candidate Eric Berlinberg, with his “experience” in the concert industry, doesn’t think that it’s possible to clean up the concert that quickly. Well, Facilities Management Director Brian Chase says it is. Chase said in a Collegian article published today that he is excited to see a concert at the venue again.

The Editorial Board thinks Eckerdt’s idea is a good one and one that will be get students excited. Fort Collins looks like a ghost town during Homecoming and Eckerdt’s Aggie Days could change all that.

Berlinbeg also wants to put on a concert at Hughes but not around Homecoming. Both campaigns want to give the responsibility to an outside venue to bring in a performer. Both of these are great ideas, but nothing could beat a sold-out concert at Hughes and the Homecoming football game in the same week.

Berlinberg needs to get stop throwing his credentials around when Eckerdt has done his research and is backed up by the director of Facilities Management.
Bring on Aggie Days.

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