Mar 312011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Collegian Editorial Board is proud to endorse it’s own Managing Editor Jim Sojourner for Associated Students of CSU president/vice president.

As an unannounced, dark horse candidate, we believe Mr. Sojourner has just as good of a chance of winning as any other candidate because his unannounced campaign platforms are just as likely to be completed as anyone

For starters, Mr. Sojourner has promised to raise student fees between three and four dollars a year until the CSU football team has a winning season. It’s important to remember not to get angry, he’s said, because, after all, it’s such a small increase.

Second, Mr. Sojourner has promised to rule the CSU campus with an iron fist and to swallow whatever he’s asked to swallow.

Third, Mr. Sojourner has promised to meet and remember every student on campus –– not because he thinks any of them are important, but because he really has nothing better to do.

Finally, Mr. Sojourner has promised to set a shining example by refusing to pay tuition. If the state refuses to fund higher education, his platform says, it’s time students do the same.

As a one-person president/vice president, Mr. Sojourner will be the perfect bridge between the Senate and executive branch.

It’s true that last week the ASCSU elections committee ruled that students couldn’t run alone. It’s also true that Mr. Sojourner is graduating in May. But those are also both great reasons vote for him. At this critical time in CSU’s funding future, students need someone who’s willing to buck the system and give the powers that be a giant middle finger.

Join us this April Fools Day in shouting, “Sojourner!” … And be sure to check back Tuesday for our real endorsement before voting in the ASCSU elections on April 4, 5 and 6.

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