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Mar 312011
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Dear editor,

Under the alias Registered Independent, I spend all day, everyday looking at the Collegian’s website, commenting here and there and must say: I love it! The editorial staff and writers make every day a sunny one.

For starters, Mr. Bowman is simply a fine-looking young man with beautiful rhetorical skills. He brings a smile to my face while I sit at my computer drinking my morning, mid-morning, noontime, afternoon, late-afternoon, early-evening, dinner-time, after-dinner, night-time, late-night, midnight and early-
morning coffee.

As a professional comment troll –– and I DO know what I’m talking about here –– I have never come across such elegant, exquisite prose.

Although my frequent commentary may indicate otherwise, I have the utmost respect for the Editorial Board’s Our View opinions. The reasoning behind each and every one is simply unassailable. But, just like the black bear can’t resist the thought of stirring up a honey-filled beehive, I can’t resist the smell of controversy waiting to be stirred up.

On the news side, I’m frequently awestruck by the quality, hardnosed reporting and clear effort individuals like Jordyn Dahl put into each and every story.

I know that the future is bright for these amazing, young, good-looking, productive students. I thank God each and every day that they’re able to provide me a forum on which to share my opinion because nothing makes me feel warmer or fuzzier inside.

Keep up the good work, folks.

Registered Independent is a frequent contributor to the Collegian’s online comment boards. The Editorial Board wishes her a happy April Fools Day.

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