Letter to the Editor

Mar 302011
Authors: Eric Berlinberg

ASCSU election season is in full swing, and I’m sure it is changing your traffic pattern across campus to avoid being swarmed with sudokus, glossy fliers and candy. While you probably can’t find a place on campus without some sort of marketing for this spring’s election season, I think it is important to remember why these eight individuals and their campaign volunteers are giving their time, energy and focus on getting their message out to as many students as possible between now and April 6.

While there are many flashy marketing strategies and campaign tactics, students should remember to look past the flair and educate themselves on the substance of each ticket. What really will affect your day-to-day lives on campus are the proposed programs, services and advocacy to impact your experience on campus. The incoming president and vice president will act as stewards of over $1.85 million for ASCSU, as well as overseeing the allocation of nearly $40 million in your student fees for other student fee-funded areas on campus. In addition, the individuals that students elect will be directing the advocacy and representation activities for all 26,000 students on campus for the next year.

I urge the student body to get educated on all four presidential/vice-presidential tickets through their websites, Facebook pages, marketing materials, talking with them on the Plaza, etc. Only 21.6 percent of CSU students voted in the general election last spring. Will you be one of them this year? Vote on RamWeb April 4, 5, 6.

Eric Berlinberg is junior business administration major and an ASCSU presidential candidate.

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