Mar 292011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Eric Berlinberg had a meeting with members of the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corp –– the Collegian’s parent company –– last week to discuss the viability of including the Onion, a satirical newspaper, as a weekly insert in the Collegian.

Current Editor-in-Chief Madeline Novey and Incoming Editor-in-Chief Sam Noblett were privy to these discussions. The Collegian Editorial Board would have no involvement in content decisions with respect to the Onion insert.

According to RMSMC, the estimated cost of bringing the Onion to campus is $6,000, but it is projected to be self-sustaining after the first year of its implementation.

“When we were approached with the idea of inserting the Onion within the Collegian, we were wholly excited by the prospect,” Novey said. “Moving forward, however, the outcome of this proposal will be decided on a business level and will not in any way be dependent upon the students’ control on the editorial side.”

Berlinberg is a RMSMC board member.

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