Mar 292011
Authors: Rich Guggenheim

I know many graduate students are too busy with families, careers, research and teaching to really ever stop and think about how we can get involved and make a difference, not only for ourselves, but for future graduate students. However, for those of you who have had the thought and asked yourself how you can get involved, or if you have the time to get involved, I would like to speak to you. To those of you who have not thought about getting involved, maybe I can spark some interest. Let me list a couple of ways you as a graduate student can, and should, get involved here at CSU:

VOTE! The Associated Students of CSU needs to hear from the graduate students. Graduate students bring in far too much money and make up too large a portion of the campus population for our voices NOT to be heard! Vote for a president and vice-president of ASCSU who will work with the graduate students. I endorse Chase and Justin for the simple fact that they are the only candidates with a viable solution to the growing rift between the grad students and ASCSU as part of their campaign platform.

While you are on RamWeb on April 4, voting for the president and vice president, vote for senators! If you are interested in being a graduate school senator, vote for yourself, or if you want to make it a more legitimate election have your friends vote for you.

Rich Guggenheim is a graduate student at CSU.

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