Mar 292011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Eric Berlinberg and Rachel Roberson plan to have the most revolutionary administration in the history of student government if they are elected president and vice president.

“The blueprint is set, the timeline is set and we’re ready to hit the ground sprinting,” Berlinberg, a junior business management major, said. “Things are going to get done very quickly.”

Berlinberg said he and Roberson have spent countless hours brainstorming and asking themselves what they dislike about the Associated Students of CSU and the elections in general. The duo has prepared a budget and action plan that they say proves they’re prepared to take office.

“I think it’s important that we show you exactly how we’re going to spend our money,” Berlinberg said. “We know exactly how we’re doing these things, step-by-step, line-by-line.”

To remind them of why they’re running for office, Berlinberg has a sticky note on his campaign board that reads 26,356, the number of students attending CSU.

“It’s a constant reminder to take two steps back and remember why we’re doing what we’re doing,” he said. “Essentially, what we’re here to do is represent those students.”

Roberson said one of their top priorities is remaining authentic.

“We’ve held each other accountable to be true to students,” Roberson, a junior political science major, said. “We’re not in it for the glory.”

Roberson said another problem within ASCSU is a lack of visibility.

She and Berlinberg plan to reach students by e-mailing them directly, as well as incorporating bi-monthly roundtables lasting for an entire day or half of a day serving as an open house for students to ask them questions. They have also set aside times throughout the year to be on the Plaza and possibly sit at the information desk in the LSC for a couple of hours a week.

“Get ready for the Tony Frank e-mails,” Roberson said.

They also plan to change ASCSU by adding, merging and splitting departments.

They want to reform the weak aspects of the organization and utilize networks that are already in place, as well as increase accountability on all levels of ASCSU.

“Students pay a lot of money to ASCSU, but do they see results?” Roberson asked. “They’re not being held accountable to what students want.”

Berlinberg said he and Roberson have complimentary personalities and experience in a wide variety of backgrounds, which makes them a team that can “make it happen.”

“Our respect for each other speaks volumes,” Roberson said.

A lot of the initiatives are programming and event-planning related, Berlinberg said, and that is what he loves to do.

During the summer he works at Elitch Garden’s as the senior supervisor of the entertainment department where he oversees a $1.7 million budget, multiple contracts and a 14-band concert series.

At CSU he has served as the director of RamRide, a building manager at the LSC and the deputy chief of staff at ASCSU.

Roberson has been a Key Community student, orientation leader, mentor for the Dream Project, intern for Michael Bennett and recruitment coordinator for CSU, as well as being involved in alternative spring breaks and ASCSU’s Diversity and Outreach department.

Berlinberg said their institutional knowledge sets them apart from other tickets.

But he knows realistically they won’t be able to complete every single initiative on their platform.

“Obviously we’re going to run into struggles, but a huge majority can be completed,” he said.

“We have a great game plan. It’s a great starting point of where we can continue into the future.”

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