The Times finally charging

Mar 282011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The New York Times began charging it’s online readership Monday.

Online readers will get 20 free articles but after that they will have to pay $15 every four weeks or $195 a year. But there are some loopholes. If the article comes up in a Google search, is found through social media or e-mailed to someone, the reader can still read the article for free even if they’ve gone over their 20 article limit.

For all print news sources, it is the New York Times that has to set a new precedent for a struggling newspaper industry. The New York Times is implementing the pay-to-read system not to create a new reliable source of revenue but to innovate. No paper other than the Times would be able to execute a new concept.

Internet users have adapted this expectation that if they obtain something from the Internet, it should be free.
But as we have seen with both the music industry and the lucrative porn industry, there are products that can be offered online that users will pay for.

This move by the Times has been a long time coming. The industry of journalism and the way people receive their news is changing almost by the minute. If readers want to continue to get their quality news from the Times, they are going to have to start paying for it.

The New York Times has vast resources all across the globe in which they can embed reporters deep in portions of the world –– most news outlets financially cannot do this. This is an important step for journalism.

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