Mar 242011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

After listening to a presentation about ranked voting, the Collegian Editorial Board would like
to officially endorse the idea that is on the ballot for the April 5 election.

Fort Collins’ current voting system requires voters to chose only one person to vote for, often turning the decision into picking the lesser of two evils –– not exactly great reasoning for voting for a candidate.

Ranked voting would allow voters to have more choice when voting for their candidates. The voter would rank the candidates in order of whom they want to win, so if their first candidate gets knocked out, they can still vote for a runner-up.

Under the current system, when there are more than two candidates –– which is most of the time in a small city like Fort Collins, the winner is typically elected with less than half the votes. Ranked voting would change that.

Supporters say ranked voting will also encourage positive campaigning because candidates are fighting for all votes, not just discouraging people from voting for their opponent.

Voters would also have more options when electing their officials to ensure they are better represented because marginal candidates would be worried about spoiling an election.

Opponents of ranked voting argue that people aren’t smart enough to figure the system out. Well, the Editorial Board disagrees. We’re confident voters can count to five, so they’ll be just fine.

The mail-in ballots have already been sent out, and it’s important that people research the candidates and issues before voting. This is your city, whether you’re here for four years or a lifetime. Make it the best it can be and vote yes for ranked voting.

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