The pool: Good and bad

Mar 232011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Collegian Editorial Board is excited about the opening of the new facilities at the Recreation Center. It’s a miniature Water World without the toilet bowl ride.

However, we’re not excited how long it took for the newly designed Rec Center to open up or the amount of gym-goers who will now pack the pool, making it next to impossible to actually swim … you know, what you’re supposed to do at a pool.

So try to not spend too much time in the lazy river.

Despite the over-crowdeding, here’s what we are excited about … and what we’re not:

  • A climbing wall that extends out of the surface of the water. But really, how unattractive is that rock wall with people climbing in bathing suits? There’s a reason we have clothes.
  • The opportunity for some people to sport Speedos and bikinis. Just be mindful of whether or not you should be sporting one. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, most people can’t.
  • The lazy river. Though, we’re not excited about obnoxious, drunk and stoned freshmen in the lazy river.
  • To see the amazing new facilities. But you’ll have to go see for yourself since we weren’t permitted to take photos for you.
  • Seeing our student fees are being put to use on something that students will surely enjoy. But we strongly encourage all freshmen to not ruin this new pool by peeing in it or being so drunk that they barf in it.

Mmmk, thanks.

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