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Mar 232011
Authors: Courtney Riley

Editor’s note: It was originally reported that the ASCSU logo was created in 1989 when it was actually created in 1998.

The current logo for the Associated Students of CSU was deemed “hot stuff” when it was created in 1998.

But according to ASCSU President Cooper Anderson, “It may be time for a breath of fresh air.”
“Our logo is the most published on campus,” said Matt Strauch, the director of Legislative Affairs, who presented the new logo to Senate Wednesday evening.

Anderson, along with ASCSU Vice President Jennifer Babos, introduced the idea for a new ASCSU logo last October. A task force of members of the cabinet, legislature and judicial branch of ASCSU, along with an alumnus and Pam Sampson, the Student Leadership, Involvement and Engagement director, created a new logo that is intended to become official within the next few weeks.

“Any organization after a while should reevaluate its logo if it’s entering a new era,” Anderson said.

The Division of External Affairs paid for the design process, which cost around $2,000 to $3,000. The process of implementing the logo will be ASCSU’s responsibility and ultimately cost an estimated $200.

The motivation behind the new design is to brand ASCSU in a way that is synchronistic with CSU’s identity.

Last month, ASCSU sent out a student voice survey to 2,500 students asking them their opinion of the organization’s current logo and 290 responded.

Students surveyed were given samples of four different logos –– one of them being the current logo –– and many of the students found any version to be acceptable, but the majority favored the intended new logo.

Students described the current logo as busy, boring, outdated and childish.

“It’s literally clip art,” said Deputy Chief of Staff Eric Berlinberg, who was a member of the task force behind the design of the new logo. “It’s been over 20 years. It’s time for a change.”

The new logo emphasizes the “AS” in a different color than “CSU” to communicate the idea that ASCSU is acting “As CSU” and that the organization is the voice of CSU students as a whole. It consists of a unique, hand-done font, as well as a ram head.

For a number of years CSU athletics has owned the ram head logo, but ASCSU will now be the first logo on campus that will officially be able to incorporate it.

The most common form of implementation will be on posters and other advertisements. The new logo will be placed on the ASCSU office window and in the Senate Chambers before May.

It will also replace the current logo that is on city signs and Transfort buses when they perform maintenance updates. Full implementation is intended to take place during the next academic year.
“We’re still looking at cost and how fully implemented it can be,” Anderson said. “There are still a few details to iron out.”

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