Mar 232011
Authors: Erin Nalli

It’s that time of year again. Spring has just started, the sun is shining, the snow is melting, temperatures are rising, and once again, we find ourselves in the situation of needing new swimwear for the summer season.

No matter where you are over the summer months, you are bound to spend some time along the beach, at the pool, playing volleyball or at the very least, sunbathing. It is the season of outdoor sports, evening barbecues in a neighbor’s backyard and enjoying the warm weather Mother Nature has to offer.  

Before we can take part in these activities though, we need to be equipped with the appropriate attire for fun in the sun. Finding the perfect bathing suit is very much an individual exploration. Each person has her own preferences on the style, color and type of swimwear she will be sporting.

While everyone should find the bathing suit that works the best for them, a few obvious trends have surfaced for this year’s swim season. Keeping an eye on the trends and keeping those trends in mind while bathing suit shopping will ensure you find a suit that is current with the season and in fashion for the spirit of summer.

The most obvious trend is color.

After window-shopping through a multitude of designer’s swim lines, the common colors seem to be blue, coral and yellow. These are all brighter colors that will stand out and nicely contrast with the sun kissed, natural bronze skin we try to achieve every summer.

Bathing suits often come in a variety of colors, but these three colors in particular are common among designers.

It seems hard to find a bathing suit this year without ruffles or bows. The swimwear for this summer is all looking to be classy, sweet and girly. The trendy femininity is appearing in all different styles of swimwear as well: one piece, halter-tops, bandeau and even swimwear cover-ups. This allows every swimsuit wearer to be trendy and still feel comfortable in whatever type of bathing suit she chooses to wear.

The frills and added girly detail on the bathing suit help to disguise any discomforting feelings about wearing so little out in public. Not everyone has the perfect bikini body, but with the careful selection of a proper bathing suit, everyone can enjoy the summer activity without any worries of feeling uncomfortable.

Any ruffles or gathering of material on the bathing suit will hide areas of discomfort.

The one-piece bathing suits are following the feminine ruffle trend this season so you can still be in style with more coverage.

Many bathing suits also have skirt style bottoms that provide more coverage as well. These skirts are feminine-looking, anyways, and paired with a ruffle top, it completes the trendy look of the season.

This spring when you are shopping for your new bathing suit I recommend you stick to brighter colors and girly styles. Look for ruffles, lace and bows and find the suit that fits you best.

Then it is just a matter of looking forward to the summer months of spending time outside, and showing off your new and stylish swim wear for the season.

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